Volleyball to Receive Facilities Upgrade

The commitment to upgrades continues.

“The Fertitta Center is a game changer for the Volleyball program,” Head Coach Kaddie Platt said. "The state-of-the-art facility is loud, bright and has an intimate atmosphere perfect for volleyball. This is exactly what is needed to make big strides in the volleyball program.
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“The team attended the Fertitta Center’s inaugural game and their anticipation for competing in this amazing arena is growing every time we step in the building. We are beyond excited to be in the Fertitta Center in August of 2019.”
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Houston will also move its team area into Fertitta Center. A 4,500 square foot space just up the tunnel from the court will house the Cougars’ locker room, player’s lounge, nutrition center as well as a satellite training room.
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The locker room remodel will start in January and run through May 2019.


This is awesome. It’s great to know that this athlete department is thinking about improving all the sports at UH, not just football and basketball.

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So is the volleyball team going to have two locker rooms like the basketball teams? It looks like they might have practice locker rooms and courts in the Alumni Center then gameday facilities at Fertitta Center. I wonder if there are long-term plans to somehow connect Fertitta Center to the Alumni Center with tunnels or something?

So has anybody confirmed if volleyball is going to have two locker rooms? It would make sense for them to have a game day locker room in the Fertitta Center and then a locker room inside the Alumni Center for practice. Be a little weird to have practice courts in a completely separate building from the rest of the volleyball facilities.

Haven’t heard. They have space at the Alumni Center already, but my guess is they’ll use the basketball lockers at Fertitta.

My understanding from the article is that they might have a new locker room, lounge, and all team facilities at Fertitta Center and then have just the practice courts at the Alumni Center. If so, I guess they have to walk outside and across the driveway to the alumni center for practice. Unless they are planning on connecting that portion of the Alumni Center with the practice courts to the Fertitta Center facilities.

Ok, that makes sense.

Good question

I’m sure the girls won’t mind the short walk. Now the football team has a good distance to walk from their locker rooms to practice.

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