Vote for Dane Roy - Ray Guy Award

Coogfans- make this happen for Dane!
Get voting as many times as you can!!!

No limit voting. So keep voting.

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there is a limit. it counts your vote

Dane is 5th right now.

It is time to:


It’s not tracking IP’s I don’t think. Use chrome to vote then do it in “private browsing” and vote again. Repeat with Explorer. Repeat with Edge.


I’ve voted a number of times on Safari


I voted about 30 times yesterday with Firefox. Worked just fine.

For the following reasons, I think any award voted on by the general fanbase is stupid:

  1. People stuff the ballot box and the larger schools with bigger fan base can get upper hand.
  2. The odds are that none of you guys know who the other punters are or how they are doing, so its just populairty and therefore not a valid award.
  3. The other school’s fans do the same and don’t know the qualifications or lack thereof of other punters.

Agreed. It’s 100% for fun and has no bearing on reality.

That said Dane Roy is the best, most consistent punter I’ve ever seen. Of course…as you noted…I, like many others, don’t watch other teams punters.

Ray Guy was pretty good. Seems like he had a high hang time. What was that, like 4.5 seconds or so?

Whatever…you’re just an Oscar Bradburn hater. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: