Vote for Tank for Biletnikoff Award


Voted. Tank is currently 2nd behind some dude from a school I never heard of

Well you can only vote once

Just Voted.

This is what the Poll looked like when I voted:


I voted twice.

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Voted. Luckily I was able to identify what a squirrel on a tree looks like so as to prove I am not a robot overlord.


Keep it going Coogfans! We’ve played and won this type of game before :joy:


I had to recognize photos of rough seas.

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Voted 5 times now. Right click on the link, open link in “incognito window”. Doesn’t work every time but will at least once. Then close browser, let a little time pass, and retry and it works again.

Also voted with Edge browser in addition to Chrome. So that’s 6.

Interestingly, Tank’s lead appears to be shrinking so other fan bases must be doing the same thing currently. Probably Ohio St and Perdue fans.


I had to do a a math problem.

Once with Chrome and once with Edge. I expect you could delete your cookies and do it again

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Dell is trailing now. These fan vote things will always get more votes from the bigger fan bases. Think of it in proportion to attendance at the games; a team that regularly fills a 100K+ stadium will get more votes than a team that regularly put a fourth of that in the stands.

You’re assuming people in Tennessee own smart phones and have enough sense to operate a computer. Big mistake.


Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee

Nathaniel Dell, Houston

It’s worse now

Think you can vote daily.

You are assuming they don’t, you are the one making a mistake. You buy in to the southern stereotype of hicks and bumpkins; what a foolish thing to do.


Im not gonna lie, i have to get help with my phone all the time. I get aggravated easy with technology,

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Good grief.

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not very funny ones

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