Vulnerable to our conference slate

3rd quarter Tulsa scared the hell out of me. We need to legalize Stick-Em again. ECU has buzz and Tulane looks good. Now about USF, Navy, or Memphis???

We are who we are at this point…a deeply flawed team with the potential to put it together in rapid-fire bursts and still win a game going away.

At this point, we can’t take any team for granted.

Hopefully, at some point, this team can show some consistency for 4 quarters and just dominate teams. Aren’t there yet…hell, getting 3 solid quarters would be a blessing at this point.


We do not get up and struggle mightily on the road so theres that. Put ECU and Navy in the loss column .

Nah. Let’s play them first.


the drop on the first drive, 3rd and 8 kind of set the tone for the first half… but ended up being a decent game


If I had to thrust my own ideas into the mix I would say the only way to win the conference this year would be to transition to a King-run-first offense.

It would open things up and extend our TOP…giving Dorito time to think…and our players time to breath.

UH did everything it could to play down to Tulsa and keep them in it. It was 3 first half turnovers I believe? I think that’s right. Luckily Tulsa didn’t convert on any of them. Even if Tulsa gets 6 points the game is massively different.

Turnovers are the one thing you can’t prep for, but luckily they overcame last night. I watched a bit of ECU, I mean why would anyone sit through ECU football. They seem functional but nothing crazy.

I see Navy being a big problem because if they can run the ball and play keep away the entire game can look like the 3rd quarter did where UH touched the ball twice. Problem for Navy is if they get behind they’re done. It is a road game, so who knows.

USF, Temple could both be problematic but luckily those games are at home. SMU is garbage and I refuse to believe otherwise. Same with Tulane.

I see a lot of close games the rest of the way.

Our poor tackling is going be an extreme problem versus Navy.


They converted our first fumble into a FG and our next turnover on downs into another FG. Then it went UH fumble, Tulsa fumble, UH INT, Tulsa downs. So they did get 6 points off of 1 INT and turnover on downs. That first half was incredibly sloppy by both teams and that was the only thing that kept us in it. I was shocked to be leading at the half.

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I actually think CMD does well against the triple option. It comes down to players sticking to their assignments an not trying to think. Last year vs Navy we totally shut them down in the second half. So we know we can do it. It comes down to executing each assignment and that tackling thing.


Just assuming we make the conference championship game for a second, that would be the game we need a 4Q performance to win.

Not until it happens, no.


Not saying these teams are better than us just that if we consistently play down to them there could be maddening losses. Each team has beaten us at 1 time or another. Life member!

I think Tulane’s defense is pretty good.

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Tulane looked like a definite TRAP. Somewhere between beating Memphis and losing to the resurgent Cincy.