Wade Phillips canned by Rams

Wade Phillips announced that the Rams will not renew his contract. Says he still wants to coach and feels he can contribute. Coincidently, the Cowboys need a DC and Wade was successful there as DC.

It would really be nice if he could help here, but we have a DC.

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If he doesn’t find a DC job lined up would love to have him as Alabama style “analyst” for UH.


Wade is NFL, he’s not coming here


I second the above bring him here (analyst) post. NFL or not. Maybe he’s tired of it. Lol. One can dream.

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Keep dreaming

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Rumor is that he might end up in New York as the Giants DC.

That might pair him up with Jason Garrett again. lol

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4 or 5 years ago, Wade was at the H Association Barbecue. A couple of other guys and myself were whining about our defense, as usual. Somewhere in the conversation Wade said that all they have to do is ask, and he would be glad to help any way he could. Might be a good time to ask.


So there’s a chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CDH was P5, he wasn’t coming here either.


Not comparable

I don’t see why not. Both have been there, done that. And both are guys who are/were perceived in better jobs. If the pay is comparable, then the possibility has to be out there. If it’s not, then I completely agree with you, no chance. lol

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Wade might like to come back to Texas. I would definitely make the phone call.

Wade could be a special assistant for a year if he doesn’t pick up anything else soon, that would be a tremendous value for us to have him around and kick the tires… as this point if he takes a year off at his “seniority” level, it may be for good… he still has a lot to offer for any level.

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