Waiver Request for Tren'Davian Dickson

To be eligible this year.

Would be awesome if he gets the waiver. Kid is a stud.

Yep, our search for Ayers’ replacement would be done.

For those who haven’t seen his highlight tape.

Dat boi colddddddddddd! Need him in basketball more than in the football field, honestly.

Has anyone heard anything about the status of his waiver request? My guess is that if we haven’t heard by now, he’s going to have to sit out this year. Sure would be nice to have one more option at H while Samples and Stevenson are out.

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No telling. NCAA makes decisions on their own timelines. Could be some time during the season.

Not entirely sure how these things work. If they grant his waiver during week 6 and we don’t want to waste a half season of eligibility, does that force us to use a red shirt to preserve that eligibility?

It doesn’t force us, but seems like unless he was NEEDED you would use the redshirt.

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Update from Duarte:

Good thing UH is deep in that position.

The NCAA probably thinks Baylor did nothing wrong so it makes sense to punish people who got away from that situation.

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I trust you are being sarcastic.

If we had a speed receiver at the slot position yesterday, we might have hung 50 on them. Their defensive scheme was questionable at best !

I hope we get some good news on Dickson this week.

I liked seeing D’Eriq King out there so much yesterday. In fact, kind of makes me wonder why he’s not returning punts. Dunbar has sure hands back there, but he’s not going to break one loose. King is going to be a tremendous weapon. Of course, getting Samples and Stevenson back will be huge too. Why not add Dickson to the mix. Did anyone notice that the consensus returning #1 receiver for us (Chance Allen) had 1 catch for 5 yards yesterday? Chance rightfully got most of OU’s attention yesterday in the passing game. OU showed the next teams on our schedule that you can’t ignore Dunbar and Johnson or Catalon. When these H backs come back, we are going to decimate teams in the pass game. I’ll admit, I’m a bit giddy right now!

I forgot about Stevenson, that kid is good.

Maybe let King take some reps this week, but when you’re playing a game like OU, I’d rather have 4 or 5 safe fair catches, than a few 10-15 yard returns and a demoralizing muff. Not saying King can’t be trusted back there, but OU isn’t the game to test it out.

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