Walker, Georgia Ranger

“It’s not a prop,” Mr. Walker countered. “This is real.” However, the badge he presented on the debate stage was not an authentic badge that trained sheriffs carry, but an honorary badge often given to celebrities in sports or entertainment. (It seems likely that Mr. Walker and the moderator attached different meanings to the idea of a prop. She was apparently saying that items used for demonstrations were not allowed; she was not referring to the validity of the badge.)

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That was a really embarrassing moment. Someone should coach him better.

Sherriff Woody Walker.

When I was 8 a Continental pilot gave me wings when I boarded saying I was a pilot. Can I put that on my resume? It works for Herschel…lol


Seems the only way for a woman to get in abortion in GA now is to just be Herschel’s girlfriend…the GOP will be all for it.


Does he get to keep one, lone bullet in his front pocket like Barney Fife?

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I half expected him to claim he was sherrif of Rock Ridge. Overcoming racism and the evil Heady Lamar to become beloved in the town with the help of The Waco Kid.


I’m surprised he didn’t bust out an FBI card, that said Female Body Inspector.


Hedley! Hedley!

Blazing Saddles best scene - YouTube


He might actually win. Be surprised, but not shocked.

Herschel was a no show for the debate.

Must have lost his “badge”. What a dope.

He’s a no-show for his million kids, so just staying the course.



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He talks about being redeemed but he won’t admit to things he’s done. He doesn’t understand redemption.

That said, at least he admits to some stuff and acknowledges need for redemption personally, unlike Trump.


You guys need to look at the positives about Walker. The Cowboys got 6 draft picks for him! Set up the 90s Super Bowls. Thank you Herschel.

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Gross. :laughing:

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