Ward had 1 rushing yard

And it didn’t matter. He still beat them with his X-Factor, his passing, and his ability to keep plays alive.

It looked like they were keying on stopping the run which for the most part they did.

Ward has matured over time. Ice water in the veins comes to mind.

OK’s DLine is prolly the best we will face except for Alabama for the N/C :wink:


OU made it a point to keep Ward in the pocket. He responded by throwing for 320 yards and 2 TDs. He’s just getting warmed up!

Ward did his job and while everybody keyed on him it left others open to win then game, which they did


Lol. Alabama doesn’t have OU’s offense though. I need to see this year’s Alabama team, first. But OU is as talented and deep as any team in the country.

It looked to me that Oklahoma had to prepare some form of their defense the most ,and i think they thought it would be the most effective scheme to train to stop our run. Catalon did not get a lot of holes and ward had even fewer, but as yall could see the passing lanes were wide open the whole game. which leads me to believe that they were very prepared for our run game and decided to focus less on the passing defense, much the same way we did for Florida state. except FSU’s offense was much less dynamic than ours and they couldn’t recover.

I feel like they came in having to pick their poison. They chose to let Ward beat them with his arm and he did.
Their corners pressed all game giving us those constant one on ones on the outside and he did well.

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I agree. They made a decision to stop Ward’s running. Their attitude was “We dare you to pass. If you want to beat us, you will have to do it with the pass”.

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