Ward Jr

Is he going to be healthy to play Thursday night?

doesnt look like hell be 100%


I hope he really recovers and our team rise up to the occasion!

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Doesn’t look good, but he’s a gamer. CTH may not have much choice but to start him, unless he absolutely can’t go.

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Ward hasn’t been 100% since the OU game (and maybe he wasn’t even 100% then). I think a lot of what we are seeing with Ward “trying to be more of a pocket passer” may have less to do with coaching philosophy and more to do with injuries.

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JD is reporting that Ward is going to play Thursday.


Great. Do we have enough time to also find an offensive line to play this Thursday? I’ve been overly optimistic about the Louisville game all year, but if the OL that played against Tulane this past Saturday is the same OL that plays this Thursday night, we better hope our defense scores about 7 TDs.

Speaking of the Oline, any word on Na’ty Rodgers?

Supposedly good to go.