Ward "Really Impressive" at Eagles OTA


“I didn’t know what I expected to see from first-year receiver Greg Ward, but he far exceeded my expectations. A former quarterback who was a dynamic playmaker for the Houston Cougars in the backfield, Ward is making the transition to the slot and he looked really impressive today in my first exposure to him. The rookie not only looked quick and explosive, but he seemed very confident at the catch point, reeling in any pass in his direction with secure, soft hands. The ball barely made a sound when they hit his gloves, which is what you want to see (hear) when you’re watching a receiver in person.” - FD


That’s good news.


When Ward was playing WR for us I thought he had the most consistent hands of the group.

I have always appreciated his reads, decisions, runs and reactions when needed. To adjust “on the fly” is a gift. Many improvise but very few make sound decisions. Greg has shown this uncanny vision that very few players have. In case he was just a couple of inches taller I have no doubt that he would have been selected/drafted as a QB. Do not be surprised if he is used as a QB in some sitautions. First, he has to male the Team.


I have a feeling that Ward will be considered the biggest steal of this years draft.


GWIII is nothing, but a winner! This dude will not get outworked and you can bet the house on that. Great undrafted FA for the Eagles. I may just have to root for them… a little.

He would have had to been part of the draft…

I hope he makes the roster.

I think he will not only make the roster, but also makes some noise this fall. I expect some good things from him in the next few years.