Was Dana calling plays last night?

I wasn’t able to watch the game, but I watched the highlights and it seemed like Holgi had the reins.

I wondered that as well although I usually would not care. Seems something was different to me

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The commentators were asking the same question and weren’t sure, either.

Dawson was. He was on the sideline signaling in plays.


Prob Dana told him do the hurry up bc I haven’t seen us do that this yr.

Absolutely, Dana was calling the plays.

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I saw a lot of the same crap as before until the 4th Quarter. With about 7 minutes(?) left the offense looked like it changed gears and took off. Tune looked like the Tune I expected to see at the beginning of this year.


Sometime late in the 4th, ESPN had a relatively long shot of Dawson. He had the play sheet in his hands but don’t remember him looking at it, signaling, or speaking before the next play.

Don’t know if anyone else saw it. Maybe they had two plays called but I thought it was interesting.


Several shots of him calling plays with a play card out while Dana just talked on his headset with empty hands. I assume Dana was not calling the plays for the majority of the game.


I don’t care who was calling the plays as long as they call the plays we saw in the last 7 minutes. It looked more holgerson 08-09.
Coaches need to accept that as our offensive philosophy and move forward. It’s proven to be successful.
Hopefully we don’t go back to the vanilla, predictable and slow offense called by Dawson. It’s pathetic.


I agree entirely and that’s why I was asking. It was the Holgerson offense we all grew to love!

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I think right after the 3rd and 9 draw play before tune scrambled for a fourth down conversion is when Shannon’s microphone got turned off.

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