Was Hofstra a Quad 2 win?

Hofstra now 1-3, blah

Revisit after their Arky game 12/18…

Yup. I commented in one of the threads after our game with them that I felt they were not a very good team and that we just didn’t play very well.
I was quickly told by the experts on coogfans that I was completely incorrect in my assessment. I still feel they are not a very good win. We just didn’t play well and of course our coaching staff is not going to claim that the team they just beat is a bad team.

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Maryland lost to George Mason this week, they won’t be ranked next week.

I had aspirations of Hofstra being good, but doesn’t look like they will be. Losing close to Maryland I suppose is okay, but Iona is kinda inexcusable.

Iona is coached by Rick Pitino

They have 2 former AAC guards.

Tyson Jolly and Elijah Joiner.

I think they’re gonna be pretty good. Win their conference


A colonial league team losing to 2 ranked squads and a patino team lets you know their early season ceiling, not their floor.

Even with their brutal early season games, they’ll win 16+ this year.


If Hofstra wasn’t playing away, they may have wins against UH and Maryland. Playing at home has its benefits.

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Well if Hofstra was good they would beat them

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Ahh okay, Id forgotten about him being there.

Heres hoping to 20 wins from Hofstra

Wait until Hofstra gets in conference play. They have lost to 3 good teams. They are probably the best 1-3 team in the nation lol. They still play a game against Arkansas. I think they will win their conference and be a tournament team. Sampson said he projects them to be a 13-14 seed.

And Hofstra hasn’t even played a home game yet.

Why is Iona inexcusable?

HOF coach. And some pretty good players on that team. They should be the favorites to win their conference.

It was also at Iona.


I’d hammer the over on that one

No one will even remember Hofstra at the end of the year

I will. #3’s a baller.

Wait until you see Memphis here and then there the final game of the lol.
No. 3 was good and on fire but we played far from our best game.
But we won and I am sure coach used it as a learning experience

Hofstra can lose closely with anybody

Hofstra AD is a doofus. 5 road games in Texas, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in two weeks is a horrible thing to do to your kids. I doubt Iona, Richmond, and Drexel pay well.

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