Was looking at some film from the last 2 seasons

To sum up 2017 and 2018’s defense:

“Either Ed takes care of it or it’s a touchdown.”

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I was afraid this was going to be a slow motion video frame breakdown of how great the big D no D was.


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Honest question. How did you get ‘film’ or were you reviewing recorded games from television?


Would be funny if Dragon was really Coach Cauthen.

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The latter

That would be funny since coaches and players do read this stuff a lot more than they would openly admit.

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If this is true, I want to take this chance to thank all of you for this season. Though we didn’t win as many games as ll of us would have liked you fought as long and as hard as you could. You have set the standard for how to fight adversity and laid the foundation for our future success. I attended every game in Houston and the OU game. I never saw any quit. Thank you.

I’m flattered and all but I’m just some guy on a message board lol. You could tweet that direvtly to the coaches tho. Im sure they’d appreciate it.