Was Oregon the 4th best team in FBS at the end of the season?

I thought so after they shut down Utah. But the CFP committee doesn’t think logically. No one knows their “formula”. LSU is riding a really big wave, I don’t think Oregon would have beat them, but I think they would have represented better than OU.

It was nice to see OU get that can of whoop a-- dumped on them!

If the playoff was at least 8 maybe Oregon would be in it and we would know how the expaned teams would perform but we will never know.

I didn’t think the B12 was as weak as it was. They got shelled, mostly by SEC but AAC got a win as well. If they don’t do something about the playoffs, it will become an SEC playoff, LSU, Georgia and Alabama every year.

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Georgia was the 4th. best team at season’s end, but their destruction by LSU in The SEC Title Game knocked them out.

I believe that Georgia would defeat either OU or Oregon.

So far the 4 team playoff is not significantly better than The BCS system which chose a Final 2 teams.

Only an 8 team playoff will truly provide excitement and fairness to College Football.


No no no! You mean fairer than the crap we have now. Their not going to play fair. A G5 team will be undefeated and beat 2 P5 teams but they will still rank it 8th to play #1.

Seemed like there was quite a drop off after the 1-3 teams. Not sure anyone in the #4 spot would have been much more than a speed bump for LSU.


I feel what you’re saying but in an ideal scenario the G5 team should be slotted ahead of the 2 at large teams regardless of rank if they use automatic bids for P5 conference champs.

I’m saying rank G5s properly. If we had gone undefeated last season, they probably would have put Oklahoma ahead of us if there were 8 teams. They would have found some excuse or statistic to justify it.

You’re right but they probably feel it’s their party and that we should be happy however we get invited. Since we can’t trust the committee to rank us properly, i.e. UCF 2x undefeated seasons, it would be safe to at least place the top G5 team ahead of the 2 at large teams that aren’t conference champs.

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Both at the high school level and The NFL we see 12 teams make the playoffs.

The first 4 get a first week bye. The other 8 play each other.

Week #2 sees 8 teams remaining, and 4 games.

Week #3 has 4 teams remaining and 2 games.

Week #4 is The National Title Game.

This is 11 total games. 11 Stadiums get in on the action, and the $money.

Few Bowl Games would survive. Since 40 is too many, seems like a good thing.

This season LSU, OSU, Clemson, and OU would have had the bye.

The other 8 would have been Oregon,Memphis, Boise, and 5 others.

The number of bowl games is ridiculous.

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4 weeks? At that point, its just a game of survival. Whoever has the most depth would win. Potentially the champion could play 4 games to get to the title match. That’s a quarter of a season. I think 4 is enough, it keeps people debating and it makes the season like a tournament, with 1-2 losses eliminating your school.

We shorten the college football regular season by a game or so and see if that’ll work. Something. :thinking:

Georgia or Alabama would get my vote for #4 as much as it pains me to say.

Some of the other bowl games could still survive, but not 40.

So LSU’s last regular season game was Nov 30th.
Then played
Georgia on Dec 7th
ok on Dec 28th
Will play on 1/13
How many weeks is that?
Do you think the LSU players go on an all inclusive cruise during their off weeks?
This has nothing to do with the players health. The exact same point was made with the conference title game. The future of College Football depends on it. Expand the cfp to 16 Teams. Again and again…and again this is not about sport but who gets the money.

Neither HS or NFL playoffs are dependent on rankings (ie opinions, discriminatory opinions, etc). Teams should have to earn their way into any sort of playoff system. Win your conference, you’re in.