Was the Deeky situation different than Tune's?

During the tournament Deeky played through a terrible hip injury. Vs Rutgers it was obvious he was not 100 percent. As fans we loved that he gutted it out. Maybe somebody questioned Sampson’s decision to play him but i don’t remember that. I remember praise to both of them.
Sports actually has several famous moments of guys playing through pain or sickness. The Gibson home run comes to mind.
So what makes the Tune situation different?


I think he is like Deeky because he is extremely talented and he has moments when he tries to force things and your like “what the hell?”.

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It’s only different for the Tune and Holgorsen haters who look for any excuse to berate either of them.


It’s too early. Tune’s story is still being written. Luckily for him, he has another season to reach his potential.

Dejon’s story ended with our first trip to the Final Four :triumph:.

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Tune is not near as talented in football is Deeky is in basketball.

We aren’t going to the Football equivalent of the Sweet16 this year or next…much less the Final Four.


Is Deeky different than Tune?



I think he is on schedule to graduate this school year, either December or May. I don’t know if he will come back for another year. I doubt he has any illusions of being able to go to the NFL, so he may just want to get on with his life.


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The difference is the type of injury, Tunes is a hamstring which only get worse and takes along time to heal if he doesnt rest it. He could do more damage to surrounding muscles….Once pulled it is performance hampering …it physically will keep you from running and slow down reactions and decrease power…
Deeky had a hip pointer….it’s just pure pain…he wasnt going to get any worse by playing, he wasn’t risking his future…just gutting out tremendous pain……it’s different.


Thank you, that makes sense.

I respectfully disagree. I think Tune is very talented. I am hoping the TD pass Saturday night was the light switching on.

I am also hoping that the hamstring is a blessing in disguise. His athletic ability can’t buy him time or bail him out so he has to efficiently distribute the ball. That is not a bad thing.


Deeky was way better on defense than Tune.


The other difference is that all famous gutting it out performances are from playoff elimination games like Deeky played in. Whereas Tune is playing in a regular season game with many more left. Having a player play through injury when everything is on line makes more sense because they may not even be a next game.
Still i hope y’all can understand why people are divided on how things are being handled with Tune


I think he needs to come back another year just to aggravate people on this fan site…neener… neener !


One is football and the other is basketball. Two very different sports, one is more physical than the other


Deeky averaged 2.4 TOs a game last season. Tune is on track to average 1.4 TOs a game (ignoring the fact that he played less than 1 qtr of one of those games).

So would you argue he’s better than deeky? (Sarcasm very heavily)

Deeky was a raw talent that required some discipline before he was NBA ready.

Most of us on here don’t see Tune’s challenges being fixed by discipline that will result in NFL potential.

Not trying to compare the two players. This is about dealing with injuries

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lolololol what an absurd notion. Dejon is leagues more talented in basketball compared to Tune in football. Dejon routinely made NBA level plays. Without Dejon, we probably exit before sweet 16. Tune on the other hand, barely ever makes NFL level throws, LOVES to give the ball away and frankly the team there are times where I think the team would do better if he was on the bench. With Dejon even after he would make mistakes, I would still want him on the court because he was amazing defender and point guard.

At least you admit, your opinion is different because of the player. I think that is happening with a lot of posters.

Speaking of absurd…where do I start?

  1. This is about playing hurt, not who the better player is. Dejon played hurt, but so did Tune. Why do we hate Tune and CDH for playing hurt when we applaud Dejon?
  2. If you don’t call standing tall when you are about to possibly have broken ribs from a hit and deliver a strike for a TD NFL level, then you are beyond help.
  3. I seriously doubt Tune “LOVES to give the ball away”. Where do you get that idea? Does he jump up and down with joy after a pick or a fumble?

Give me a break.