Was the Deeky situation different than Tune's?

One throw is all you need to be impressed? you seem to be impressed very easily. Tune doesn’t need to make 1 great throw, he needs to make 10 good throws.

And lets not kid ourselves Tune REPEATEDLY makes stupid throws that should be interceptions, more often than not he gets lucky and the DB’s drop it, happened at least twice against Navy. thats what I mean when I say he loves to give the ball away. Dont doubt he wants to win, but hes not cut out for this. if you cant see it then I don’t know what to tell you.

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You, amongst others need to stop with the over the top exaggerations. Where did I say I was impressed? I was pointing out the many ridiculous points in your statements.

In no way do I think Tune is an NFL QB. However, to not give him any credit for good plays like that throw means you just have an agenda. You would rather tear down a kid than acknowledge anything positive.

I think Dana truly believes Tune “has to be” out there for us to have a chance to win the game.

We, sometimes irrationally, believe that because Tune doesn’t live up to our expectations that there are other qualified substitutes.

Maybe there just aren’t. And maybe its not as close of a call as some of us want to believe.


I’ve gone to work with a hangover…I’m taking orders for “BradFromHouston” jerseys so you can rep your hero.

Josh Allen is doing great in the nfl and tune is sorta like him but maybe not as good. He needs more wrs vs what we have or have them step up. Navy doubled teamed dell.

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That could very well be the case. The fact that that is the case is one of the most damning indictments about his tenure as head coach.

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Yes. The injury was different for both players but more importantly the context was different. Big difference between letting a guy play hurt in a game against an FCS opponent at the start of the year and letting a senior play hurt in the NCAAT. We didn’t need Tune out there to beat Grambling. We had to have Deeky out there to beat Rutgers. Had that game been in November against Tennessee Tech, CKS would’ve had him rest. No question. However, with everything on the line you let the kid give it a shot so long as he’s been medically cleared. Hell had that even been the toilet bowl and it was Tune’s final game, I wouldn’t question it at all. Let the kid go, but to play him against an opponent you would’ve beat anyway was questionable to say the least.

I dont think we hate Tune for playing hurt. I think we question Dana for playing a hobbled QB against an FCS opponent. We applaud Dejon because he gave his all when it was all the line. Nothing was on the line against Grambling. Had that been a meaningful game late in the year or certainly had it been in the CCG or a NY6 bowl game, I think everyone would understand rolling the dice and putting the kid out there. Context matters.

Some of you personally attacking Clayton is idiotic. There are no other ways to put it.
I am going to write again. We have not seen and can’t see Clayton’s full potential until he is healthy. You do not agree? No worries. I support him 100%. Do I think he should be rested so he can fully recover? You bet I do especially if he has another year of eligibility. I want to see Clayton fulfill his full potential. Right now there is no way we can.

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This is an interesting comparison. If you saw Josh Allen at Wyoming, he did have a tendency to throw a lot into coverage.