Was this out Memphis Game?

Until we played Memphis, Holgerson was going to establish the run come he’ll or high water. Then against Memphis we threw for a ton of yards, won the game, and he let Tune air it out the rest of the year. Tune had a great season and we got hot.
Then instead of repeating this, we went back to establish the run mentality. I hope this breaks Holgerson out of his ridiculous thinking that we can run first. (20 rushes for 16 yards.

Need to continue running Air Raid O. Our D either stops other team or not. But if we don’t score, we automatically lose and we can’t score playing grind-it-out FB.

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He’ll revert back to normal but you know as well as I, their was no way in heck we could run sufficiently yesterday. I hope I’m wrong. I’d love me some 500yd passing again.

Before this game, Smith had the most passing attempts in the conference third in touchdowns Third in passing yards. We were already throwing the ball a lot. This week UT had one of the best in the country and a pretty atrocious secondary, so yeah, we abandoned the run, but it will not look like the rest of the season.

We have the guys and talent to be a more pass oriented team…and win games in this league with this philosophy. I have to believe this coaching staff understands this. If they don’t adjust the offense going forward, they all deserve to be chastised.

It would be like having the proper tools to do a carpentry job…and just trying to use a hammer and crowbar…

Play to your strength. The team is loaded for passing. Even against weak teams we have a hard time converting 3rd or 4th and 1.

When you have an average of 8+ yards per attempt that means most completions result in a first down.

When you average 3 yards per carry you are not
Making many 1st downs that way.

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New Oline coach was supposed to fix the run blocking instantly like he did at Tulane. Tulane had a decent run game when he got there and he made it better.

Our run game has deteriorated steadily since 2015. It been dreadful the last three years.

I think we have the right coach but he needs more time, I think.

One question I have is if Paul is so high on the mock draft boards, he must be able to run block too. So, why aren’t we consistently running to his side successfully?

I think fixing the oline run blocking issues has more to do with players than the coach changing the way they do things. I think it is what it is now so we need to pass to set up the run hopefully our passing game will open things up so we can hit teams with draws and traps in the run game.

According to most scouting reports, his pass blocking and size/length is what has him high. Not rated that highly on run blocking and some have concerns about mobility.

Yeah, and it seems weird that an NFL team would spend a high pick on a one dimensional OT.

The same NFL that will make a one dimensional pass rusher the number one pick, will of course make a player that can stop that player a high pick.

Is that because we were behind in so many games that we were passing trying to catch up? UTSA and WVU we were never drastically behind and those were our lowest pass attempt games. (Exception SHSU. We passed a lot against them, but we also had a lot if running okays)

We weren’t playing from behind against UTSA, We were in a tight game the whole first half against TCU. Black and forth against TTU. The only game we were ever playing catch up from the jump was Rice.

The point made was that prior to this game we weren’t airing it out or throwing it that much, and that the playbook might open up as a result of this game. My point is that we were already throwing it a ton prior to this game.

We weren’t behind vs UTSA so we didn’t throw.
We weren’t behind WVU so we didn’t throw.

We were behind Rice and UT from the start.
We were behind TT and TCU by 13+ most of the 2nd half.

TCU was the only game where we didn’t have our highest pass attempts where we were down pretty big the entire 2nd half. SHSU is the other exception where we passed a lot even up early.

UT he probably knew it would be difficult to run going in then falling behind early, he abandoned the run game quickly

Might as well just trade playbooks…

I don’t watch hardly any NFL, but when I do, I rarely see or hear of Olinemen being situational. I’m not talking about a Jumbo package for short yardage but subbing in a tackle guard or center just on passing downs. Teams do that lot with RBs, receivers , even but I don’t see that with the linemen.

I am kinda surprised he’s thought of this high but I just looked up a mock draft that has him going 10th.