Washington Post on Tom Herman

One thing is certain: If Big 12 coaches were consulted, there is no way Houston would be admitted to the conference. No one wants to play the Cougars these days.

“That much is true,” Herman said, laughing again. “We’d have no chance. None. Zero.”

That’s funny. A lot of cries all these years is that the Big 12 is scared of us; we now are seeing it in real time.

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I agree. For years I thought P5 teams wouldn’t play us because there was no upside. UH always had a chance of upsetting one of those teams, but nothing would be gained from beating a G5 team they were supposed to beat. Now, there’s a very good chance we beat anyone we play so the fear is tangible. What a time to be a Coog!

By the way, I’d give anything to be able to play Texas A&M or Texas right now.


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