WATCH: Kelvin Sampson clips from his availability today

It’s nearing basketball season. Both the men’s and women’s have their first practice next week. Men’s on Sept. 27 and women’s on Sept. 28. Check out clips of Sampson’s availability today!

WATCH: Houston Cougars men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson on culture: “we live it"

WATCH: Houston Cougars men’s basketball coach Kelvin Sampson on the team’s depth heading into 2022-23 year


Omg Sampson said we’re not good right now. He’s worse than Dana


Sampson should challenge CDH and the rest of the football team to earn one of those Culture shirts.


Some think that is just coach’s speech, but it is the absolute truth.

Based on that 2nd video, does it sound like he’s going with J’Wan at the 5? I thought it would be Shead, Sasser, Mark, J. Walker, Cheney to start with Arceneaux and J’Wan first off the bench.

Still way too early to know what lineups he will go with


Standard CKS pre-season MO.


You guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Many have projected Chaney at the 5 based on matchups but J’Wan is our top returning big so no surprise if he is the starter.

It doesn’t matter who starts at the 5. Will probably depend other team/ matchups, but both will see a lot of playing time and the new guy plus Francis will also see pt.


I think he goes

Marcus Sasser
Jamal Shead
Tramon Mark
J’Wan Roberts
Reggie Chaney

First of the bench
Ramon Walker
Jarace Walker

Then everyone else.

I know I’m probably gonna get flamed for complaining, but…

Am I the only person that enjoys(ed) hearing CKS’s entire media appearances? I seriously look forward to watching every time coach speaks just because he’s so wise and funny. It’s become something of a tradition for me.

I’m not a content creator so if it’s easier to upload smaller edited videos (idk why it would tbh) then I suppose I can understand the change. I looked at the Pawd Slama Jama YouTube page and they have 4 minutes of footage. The hrr’s YouTube page has a little under 5 minutes of footage. Did CKS only speak for 5 minutes? If so cool. If not it appears that fans will lose out on hearing CKS speaking more.

No disrespect to any of our UH content creators. I greatly appreciate all you do for our fans. It’s just that coach often makes “throwaway” comments that some people find interesting or insightful. Something that may be very interesting to me might not be interesting to a content creator and as a result the fans may never hear that comment.

I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve watched a press conference from CKS or Dana and then looked at my twitter feed and asked why did Duarte feel a certain comment was more “tweet worthy” than other more interesting quotes imo.

Again if this change makes life easier for creators then cool. If not well then I guess I just don’t understand the goal of the people that run the athletic department. Seems like fans are losing out a tiny bit.

Ok flame away…


UH athletics put a cap on the clips we can share. The max is four minutes from any official availability. That is why we do it in clips.

Oh wow. Thanks for clarifying. I was under the impression that y’all could theoretically post the whole interview as long as it was broken up into smaller clips. This is even more disappointing. Oh well, thanks for all you do!

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about hearing Sampson talk. He always has good stories and analogies when he gives his responses haha. I hope that policy gets reevaluated at some point.



Why did the athletics department institute this policy? Is it trying to monetize this content somewhere else? I think a lot of UH fans like watching these availabilities.


If coach had his own YouTube channel. I’d sit and watch him for hours. The man is wise beyond his years. And he has such a good vibe and personality to him.

If the media can’t put out videos of more than 4 min. When does UH expect to put out the entire video??

That’s beyond dumb.

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I think J Walker starts at the 4.


I’m not sure of the specific reason. It is something new they implemented this season. For football, they have been posting availabilities on their YouTube more often than before. They have not posted basketball availabilities anywhere as frequently in the past.

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Lol I have one of those from the GVL tour

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