Way too early improvements, hoping to see next season

If they come back-

Dejon- for this specific team, better finisher around the rim (especially contested), avoid a 3rd straight year of a slow start…improve bball iq on some of the passes
for his pro chances; we don’t need him to be a 3pt shooter, but if he wants the NBA is likely going to need to shoot hit 35%+ for 3, and can’t only be wide open 3s

Grimes - improve his confidence/aggressiveness …more consistent shooter, i think he can get over 37% from 3 if he worked on it…On the games he is off from distance and teams crowd the paint, he literally has no offense, adding a 10-15 foot floater into his arsenal would do him wonders , and give him a way to score without going into the paint when the shots arent falling

Mills- add weight (for defense and offense) , drastically improve as a passer

sasser - improve as a passer, especially off the dribble…be a more consistent shooter, should be a 40%+ from 3 shooter

Hinton- depends what his goal is-- if he wants a Dotson type role (3 & D) he has to drastically improve his shot. his shot is good but not good enough where its a defining great quality…if he wants to be great “all-around” scorer, his shot is fine, but he need to drastically improve scoring off the dribble and attacking the paint (handles and finishing at the rim)…something he rarely ever does outside of transition

Fabian- continue to add weight to be a more effective post scorer

Gorham- a lot of his game needs work, a lot of it can even be fixed in 1 offseason…but since he isn’t likely to be a key players i won’t get into it …the one big one worth nothing is weight… way too small to hold the post at his current weight and might need him to without Harris

Alley - offensive self reflection…defense and rebounding are good enough to start on a top 25 team…offense is killing your minutes…you cant be a 3point spot shooter averaging 26% on both years youve played with no other offensive viability…imo he should abandon the current game plan put in crazy work this offseason to become a driver who draws fouls, youve already put in 3 years into the current not working plan… if 3 and D is the only goal …put in crazy work to become a 40%+ 3pt shooter

Greshman- i honestly dont think there much he can improve in 1 offseason that will make a difference next year…maybe improve the fts

New Players-
we dont know anyone true strength and weakness till they get on the court…
the only expectation i have is that kiyron is actually 6’9…and not sangoymi’s “7feet” that was “6’8” or cameron tyson’s “6’3” that is closer to 6’1 …we need powell to be 6’9…maybe even grow little and be 6’10


On Alley, I am amazed watching him in warm ups make almost every three he takes but not be able to do it during the game.

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Good summary.

I think we need to add ball handling to Grimes. I don’t know if he can add a lot of wiggle but he needs a crossover or something to beat guys off the dribble some. Fabian needs to just add the corner 3 since he is almost shooting them now.

Alley has confused me now. Last year he was inconsistent but his shot looked better. This year his shot looks awful.


agreed, fabian was actually shooting 3s in the exhibition games …at a good percentage too…curious why he stopped

On this specific point, I think Dejon was really hurt by the three point line moving back this year and hasn’t been able to adjust. He has a good shooting stroke and it shows in his consistent free throw shooting. He is a decent mid-range shooter and sometimes shoots mid-range contested and off the dribble, plus he had a viable set shot from the perimeter last year (36% from three last year). I think with an offseason of work he has a good chance to become a consistent three point shooter from this longer distance.


Probably so he can stay in the game. I have witnessed Sampson yelling at players: “that’s not your shot”. Takes me back to when Myers used to jack up 3s from the top of the key and drive Sampson nuts.

at the beginning of the year I was really sour on Dejon. His play was sloppy and he was single handily creating lots of turnovers.

as the season has progressed he’s become a leader on the team and while he doesn’t score a ton of points every game, his passing and vision for the game is top notch.

he still needs to work on control and shooting but im very pleased with his game lately.


as for Grimes, the kid just needs to get out of his own way. I don’t know if you can coach confidence? but he just needs to convince himself that he is an elite level player and start taking more shots / driving to the basket.

the games where he scores points, he looks like he’s in charge. then the very next game he will be shy and sheepish again. I just don’t get it.

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Much easier when no one is guarding u and no pressure lol!

Gresham is an excellent defender but has no offensive game at all other than an occasional lob and dunk.
It would do him good to work on a little baby hook around the basket.
I think his free throw shooting has improved but not where it should be.
He’s a tough kid with a tad of nasty in him. Work on his ball handling and shooting and he can have a monster senior year

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Maybe I’m going crazy but last year I swear I remember Alley putting the ball on the floor and go straight to the basket several times and actually look pretty good doing it.

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Happens to me on the golf range to the First hole everytime! #WhatHappenIs

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it would be a dream for gresham to find some offense this offseason…im just not sure how realistic it is for him to master any offensive skillset in 1 off-season

You may be right but hey even Harris can move in with his little hook and I never thought that would happen either


That is what he should do. I do not remember him doing it last year.

He shot 24% from 3 pt line last year. The bad part was that over 70% of his shots were from 3 pt range.

He plays good defense and rebounds well, but he has no offense. Maybe he just doesn’t have the handles to take it to the hole.

and i know we talk about grimes lack of aggressiveness…hinton on offense could be way more aggressive as well, especially as a driver


Nate did good with mid range jumper last year but it has completely dissapeared.


he still shoots the mid range…thats his go to move…
a fake right crossover, stop and pop mid-range…he does this 2-3 times a game on the average game…

his inability/unwillingness to drive was evident vs memphis…memphis sold out on stopping mills and sasser…hinton was being defended by the worst defender when he was on the court…yet hinton only took 4 shots total…3 of them were wide open 3s…there was a decent stretch of the game he was being defended by a person he had 8inches and 50lbs on


In full agreement in regards to Hinton’s lack of aggressive play on offense.

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I have no problem with Nate Hinton in any way, shape or form. Is he perfect? No, but his hustle and motor are the trademark of this team.