Way Too Early Top 25s

Remember Sampson has always said both Grines and Gorham are gone.

We lose four starters and have been right back so why can’t they? They are recruiting elite folks and have LJ Cryer just riding bench and a 5 star coming next year. They have been really good for a while now.

Prediction: they are a “one hit” wonder.

May make the tourney next year, but won’t be the same.

Just dumb to even contemplate a top 25 right now. There are a thousand transfers looking to change schools and the spring signing period hasn’t even started. Still really good players who didn’t sign early that are not transfers. There are kids who are entering the draft who will drop out and go back to school and some who will surprise and stay in. Many teams will look very different come this summer.

Just click bait and a way to spread propaganda for the P5 schools. These type articles are for low IQ types like the media spewing it.


Baylor may not be in the Final Four next year, but they are far from a one-hit wonder. They would have been in the mix last year. They have an excellent coach, and they have a top 5 recruiting class on the way to Waco. They’ll be just fine. And so will we.


We would have won it all last year if not for covid. We should have made the final 4 in 19. Very unlucky.

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2020 Coogs would have been anywhere from 5-7 Seed. Not sure how that would put them in a Win it all situation.

I think that 20 team was better than this one.

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Ok. We can dissect it but no really need to. The 2 that stand out to me would be Jarreau was much improved player in 21 vs 20 and I would emphatically say the same for Grimes. I only responded bc of “we would have won it all” seemed little over the top. All good Rick !

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I agree. Jarreau’s development into a rock at the point and a QB for Sampson’s offense was huge. Q did not disappear into the shadows during games. Both teams were good but in different ways. 2020 had a healthy Fabian, an emerging Mills, an improved Harris and Hinton. I thought Elite 8 for both years was a reasonable goal.


Agree :100:.


Anything in the top 15 is awesome to start the year.


Yup…wasn’t that long ago that we had to fight and claw just to show up in “Others Receiving Votes”.


Amazing how many Basketball writer’s I see in their comments say as long as CKS is in charge they will be in Top25 or right around there. Comfortable feeling going into new year.


too early bracketology by lunardi

houston a 4 seed
memphis a 5 seed
wichita, first team Out

potential non con opponents
bama a 1seed
oregon (maui) 8 seed
st matys (maui) lasdt 4 in
ND (maui) last 4 byes
wisconsin (maui) next four out

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15. Houston Cougars

Previous: 24

Kelvin Sampson is one of those coaches who we just assume is going to figure things out and win 20-plus games, regardless of personnel. But it’s a lot easier to buy into the Cougars now as opposed to four weeks ago, after getting Fabian White Jr. back for another year and landing a trio of transfers. White brings experience to the interior and he will team up with Reggie Chaney and UConn transfer Josh Carlton – one of the nation’s best offensive rebounders – to comprise a formidable post group. Marcus Sasser and Tramon Mark are back on the perimeter, and Houston landed Texas Tech transfer Kyler Edwards, a double-figure scorer for two seasons with the Red Raiders, and Cal State Bakersfield transfer Taze Moore, a first-team All-Big West selection this past season. The Cougars are bidding farewell to plenty of experience in starters Quentin Grimes, DeJon Jarreau, Justin Gorham and Brison Gresham, so there might be some growing pains early.

Projected starting lineup:

Marcus Sasser (13.5 PPG)
Tramon Mark (8.0 PPG)
Kyler Edwards (10.1 PPG at Texas Tech)
Fabian White Jr. (6.3 PPG)
Reggie Chaney (4.6 PPG)


13. Houston

Last time: 9
Skinny: I counted the Cougars’ best player, 6-5 junior guard Quentin Grimes, as a returnee last time around, but to no one’s surprise he has since entered the NBA Draft and will not return. Kelvin Sampson has added three really good transfers in 6-4 senior guard Kyler Edwards, who averaged 10.1 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.8 assists at Texas Tech; 6-11 senior forward Josh Carlton, who averaged 3.5 points and 3.7 rebounds at UConn; and 6-5 grad transfer Taze Moore, who was voted first-team All-Big West last season at Cal State Bakersfield.


Very reasonable considering the source.


Agreed, I think anywhere from 12-20 is reasonable with the guys the team is losing coming into the season.


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