Way Too Early Top 25s

Weird that he assumed Grimes was returning. The writer may have been the only writer in the US thinking Grimes was coming back.


Sounds about right! I have them in the early teens as well. The team last year was ranked around 18th preseason with Mills predicted to contend for CPoY.

The writer is Seth Davis. Be happy lol :slight_smile:



  • He has Memphis @ #11

15.) Houston

Potential starting five:

PG: Marcus Sasser

SG: Kyler Edwards (Texas Tech)

SF: Taze Moore (Bakersfield)

PF: Tramon Mark

C: Fabian White Jr

Bench: Reggie Chaney, Josh Carlton (UConn), Brison Gresham, Jamal Shead, Robbie Armbrester, Ramon Walker, Kiy’ron Powell, J’Wan Roberts

Departures: Quentin Grimes (Pro), Dejon Jarreau (Pro), Justin Gorham (Pro), Cameron Tyson (San Diego)

Kelvin Sampson finally got the ever-elusive final four after coming up short multiple times in the past decade before getting demolished by soon-to-be champions Baylor. The Cougars lose AAC player of the year Quentin Grimes and key contributors Dejon Jarreau, Justin Gorham, all opting to pursue professional opportunities. In pursuit of replacing those players, Coach Sampson added Texas Tech sharpshooter Kyler Edwards, intense athlete Taze Moore & lengthy Josh Carlton from UConn. When ranking a Houston team in the preseason, the most important part is Kelvin Sampson remains the team’s conductor. There have been many departures, even unexpected turnover in recent seasons, but Sampson reloads & is successful every season. It’ll be a tight defensive-first battle when Memphis & Houston battle next season.

Who wrote this forecast? In my opinion, Tramon Mark is much more likely to replace Dejon Jarreau at PG than he is to replace Justin Gorham at PF.

Mark a PF??

Gresham coming off the bench? Hard to do when you graduated.

The writer, Sean Paul is a good college analyst but he is off on the Tramon position. But he does say he is just guessing on some of the lineups.

Sean Paul, you need an editor my friend. Cameron Tyson transferred to Seattle University not San Diego.
And Tramon Mark at Power Forward, though I wish we played a small lineup more often, that’s not we roll.

Fabian at PF, Chaney or Carlton at Center, mr Paul :wink:

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This is why I hate Way Too Early predictions. Most of these guys haven’t even caught up to roster moves yet.

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Is Gresham coming back?

No. Gresham is done

1 yr at UMASS, 3 years at UH. Plus he sat out a year transferring.

I wish Brison the best.

Rothstein needs to quit with these early flip flopping rankings. Let’s find out who’s going to come and not. I personally think UH is a Top 12 team in preseason. I disagree with Oregon and others being ranked ahead of us just because they keep adding meh transfers.

That article is not by Rothstein, it’s by some guy who goes by sean02

Rothstein is legit.

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hes right tho. Tramon grew 2 inches and gained 60 pounds in the offseason. 6’7" 240lbs


He had healthy dinner last night… up to 6’8" - 255lb.


He’s just putting who he feels is our top 5 as starters.
I hope we are able to see that lineup together some.

Rothstein keeps dropping us which is a joke.

What? Are you kidding?

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lol yes they are joking…

I would hope so. I mean he’s had a whole two months to gain the weight. /s/

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