We Are in First Place

Temple beats SMU 64 - 57


Temple was down by 7 with just over 4 mins. left! After that at one point the Owls out scored SMU 17-3!


Temple can play D. SMU let them hang in there n then w no PG , couldn’t execute in crucial part of game. W/o Davis tonight, was like last last year the Coogs being w/o Jarreau. Makes everything Work. Back at the TOP. BOOM :boom:

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Very nice!

Like CKS says the Sun will come up tomorrow. I believe him now. :grin:. Beat UCF. Need to be in the Top 16 when Committee announces on Saturday.


Temple had like 3 players missing today so even worse lol


Their best player been out all year-- Battle , he’s a load. Tough when you’re not that deep already. McKie doing great job this year. Still in the hunt to get a bye in CTourney


The SMU-Memphis game this weekend just became epic!


Program Alert-- All eyes on The AAC Sunday :

UH vs WSU 12:00 ESPN
Memp vs SMU 2:00 ESPN

Let’s take care of UCF!

Go Coogs!


And shoot free throws!!!


Temple was missing 3 players, but SMU missing their PG so it evened out!!!

Our best scenario is for Memphis to beat SMU. That would give us a 2 game cushion. We need to beat SMU at home and that would put SMU away. We could then afford to lose at Memphis, and then take care of all the other remaining games. Won’t be easy, but certainly in the realm of doable. I believe we beat UCF here at home, I believe we beat Wichita at their place, I believe we beat SMU at home for the revenge game, Cincy and Temple we should win at home. At Tulane will be tough. That is the only other one besides Memphis I’m worried about. If we lose to Tulane and Memphis, we would have 4 losses, barring Memphis wins out. And Memphis would get the trophy. They are playing really well right now. I only see us losing one more, and I like our odds of winning the championship.


I’m actually hoping SMU beats Memphis to give them a 5th loss. We get SMU at home and I think we win that one. With the way Memphis is playing right now I don’t see them losing any other games, and I think there’s a good chance we lose on the road. If we end up dropping one more game and lose at Memphis, they win the conference. That would be redemption for Penny. Agree about Tulane. That one could be tough.


Can’t believe we lost that SMU game… Memphis is going to smoke them.

Memphis is running out 11 players now instead of 7 and 8 man rotations… They’re peaking at the right time…


Absolutely in First Place!

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Who do we root for stats wise?

We could easily lose two more.

In a normal season Sampson would be starting his march to the Tourney right now. We’re tired and several other teams are peaking. I think the conference regular season comes down to one game over second place.

This team is tough… We’ve scuffled a little recently but WE’RE GOING TO WIN THE AAC REGILAR SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP!

We need SMU to beat Memphis on Sunday.

That would give Memphis 5 losses and eliminate them from Title chances.

We play SMU again, at home. Beat them and we probably wrap up the regular season Title. Thus we can go to Memphis for our last game with The AAC Championship already earned.

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Depends on how long Kendrick Davis is out for SMU tbh