We Are Tied for Third Place

… what?

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Neither team is good enough to win out !

We do not control our own destiny

Joking you might be the ONLY person happy as long as we are winning and playing for something. I was not counting me . . . . . only you . . . . .

We need to win out and we need Tulane or Cincinnati to lose 2 games.

If UCF wins out then one of them Tulane/Cincinnati will have two losses.

We’re UCF fans for a couple of weeks but they haven’t been all that impressive.,

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Cougars vs Bearcats part two is coming!

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Give me one more trip to New Orleans for a rematch with Tulane.


Tulane has 3 losable games left (UCF, SMU and Cincinnati). I could see them losing two of them.

UCF will lose to Cincinnati.

So I definitely see a path to the CCG.

We have two cupcakes and SMU left.

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And @ecu.


I seriously doubt that Tulane loses to SMU.

Smu just played Cincy within inches of their life


Cincy’s not all that this year. They also almost lost to a 1 win USF team at home.


I agree with Coog51.

UH to the CCG!

The Polly Prez has spoken!

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I don’t even see it as an outrageous path to the CCG. It is very doable.

Anyone with a Coog sense of history will tell you the 1984 SWC championship had a far more improbable path.

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I remember that year, and I agree.

We have the weakest remaining schedule, and a very good chance to win out.

Tulane has a tougher path.

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With two OOC losses, UH probably loses out any tiebreaker involving Tulane, UCF, and Cincinnati. If UCF wins out, UCF will have one loss and the “tiebreaker” over UH. The winner of the Tulane/Cincinnati game could very well have only one loss (to UCF) and the outright tiebreaker (Tulane) or the “tiebreaker” (Cincinnati). If UCF wins out, the CCG would likely be UCF vs. the winner of Tulane/Cincinnati.

I want to see UH in the CCG game. That means I need to have UH win out. But I can’t tell what I want to happen in the Cincinnati/UCF game. Do I want UCF tagged with its second loss and be out of contention? Or do I want UCF to win on the way to one of the scenarios you offered?

Either way, UH likely needs UCF, Tulane or Cincinnati to lose a game not among each other for UH to have a shot at the CCG.

There is only one way UH makes the CCG without a top team losing to East Carolina or SMU or some other team. It seems to me, the easiest route to the CCG for UH is this:

Cincinnati beats UCF (UCF eliminated)

UCF beats Tulane
Cincinnati beats Tulane (Tulane is eliminated)


We can win out, but it will require continued offensive adjustments to our tempo and scheme like we saw at Navy.

I’ve got some clarity to my thought processes. No matter what, UH needs to win out for a realistic chance at the CCG.

UCF beats Cincinnati
UH needs Tulane to beat both UCF and Cincinnati and UH goes to CCG

Cincinnati beats UCF
UH needs Tulane to lose to both UCF and Cincinnati for UH to go to CCG

Which do you think is more likely? Tulane going 2-0 against UCF and Cincinnati? Or Tulane going 0-2 against UCF and Cincinnati?

I’m going for the latter. Go Bearcats. Beat UCF.


I have UCF beating Cincy. I think they were looking ahead last week.
Tulane beating UCF but not Cincy
So I am looking for SMU or ECU pulling an upset somewhere.

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