We crushed 'em!

Not close from the start!

Biggest win in a long time.

Now let’s avoid complacency and aim for the tourney!!!


I think it’s time to beat Cincy also…we owe those guys…but I agree we need to take care of business and don’t let anyone slip up on us…


Funny how the seasonal perspective changes after such a big and convincing win.


People overreacted to Tulane loss. Win wouldn’t have gotten us in the tournament and the loss didn’t end our chances

Tulane is a Top 100 RPI, not awful or horrible


As WSU found out this week, winning in this league can be very difficult, especially on the road. The Shockers have now lost two in a row and it could have been three had Tulsa hit a few shots down the stretch.
While the Tulane loss was frustrating, it was understandable considering it was on the road and it got so many home cooking calls…32 foul shots to our nine may draw some light on that subject.
I am very interested now in how we will match up with Cincy and SMU…we really need to protect homecourt…now let’s get some dang fans out to the games and support this bunch…good, vocal crowd today and no doubt it made a difference…


True. The result against Tulane is what’s called a schedule loss. While the Coogs did underachieve, the winter weather and delayed travel had to have played a major factor.


That game should have been cancelled. Getting to the gym 2 hours before game time is ridiculous, I don’t care who you are. UH was just a half step slow the whole game. No excuses. Just the facts.


It wasn’t even 2 hours. We left the hotel at 5:15


I understand, but not really. UH has to go out and earn respect. You do that by beating teams like Arkansas and Wichita State - not that those two are really in the same class. But after this win the basketball world definitely knows UH is back.

Reminded me a little of the Arkansas series in our first year in the SWC.

Lost 92-45 in Fayetteville. Beat’em 72-70 a week later in Hofheinz.

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