"We easily beat Houston"

I’m not a member so I can’t read it, but there’s a topic on one of the Arizona boards titled “We easily beat Houston.” No one has “easily” beat us in years and years (EXCEPT BAYLOR!). Go Coogs.


Well…it starts with this post. The rest is pretty much standard BB talk. Some homers and some rational people. Nothing much to see here.

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Massively over-rated and I think we stomp them easily. Think Michigan State Final Four 2001

They have not played a team like us and to me we absolutely roll them as we have not even seen the good AZ team yet

By the way, if Miller was coaching our team we lose last night. They tense up at the end and lose.

You saw right in that game why Lloyd to me is massively better then Miller. For any Miller lovers still left, time to drop that crap because we sucked in moments like that.

Koloko is the most improved player in the history of Arizona basketball too…simply amazing to see how far he has come

I love March!

good thing games are played on the court and not in the forums.

…although I got a pretty good jump shot so…


Lol. It’s their fan board. You see this kind of stuff everywhere.


Those sound like famous last words to me, especially coming from a fan of a team that needed OT to finish off a TCU team that finished conference with a losing record. But whatever. Guess we’ll see on the court Thursday.


They can be wrong if they want to be.


Id pick Arizona if we played them the 2nd game of a weekend. The first? Houston is an easy pick.


It says I have to pay $1 to read their comments? Can anyone post screenshots?

Send me $0.85 and I’ll post screenshots.

BTW, it’s $0.85 per post.



The cognitive dissonance required to watch your team need overtime to beat TCU, a team that, everything they did to put themselves in a position to win we do far better, and then look at Houston with Ken Pom top ten offense and defense and better athletes across the board and think that you’re going to wipe the floor with them just blows my mind.

Then again these are the fans of the team that trash talked and taunted fans of a 9 seed that took them to OT as a 1 seed. A game they were expected to win. Maybe it’s just something in the water in Tucson.


When you start having to go back that far for a comparison, I am guessing it wont happen. Unless every 21 years they blow out a team. Somebody check their tournament games in 1980.

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We have 3 common opponents this year.

Arizona beat Wichita in Vegas by 4. We beat the Shockers at home by 10 and on the road by 2.

Arizona beat Illinois on the road by 4. We just won in Pittsburgh by 15.

Arizona beat Oregon at home by 3. We beat Oregon in Vegas by 29.

Records vs top 200 are Arizona 26-3 and UH 26-5

Arizona has the best win (UCLA) but also the worst loss (Colorado beat them by 16).

There’s a reason KP has us #2 and UofA #3

If the NCAA seeded correctly this would be a semifinal matchup and not Sweet 16.


That’s what made it so egregious. It wasn’t like they dinged us a seed line for not playing enough “Q1” games… they took off four seed lines. That’s stupid.


Yea the fact that we were punished for Tulane and Temple deciding to play good after being awful in OOC is ridiculous

Eventually, you have to beat a 1 seed to win it all… Let’s go ahead and do it.



Please don’t take the post above from Newportcat ( look it up…he has surfed THE WEDGE way too many times) as the Holy-Grill of AZ BB. He is an idiot. If you look at the rational people you will see that most fans believe this is going to be a slugfest. Good luck Cougs. My thoughts…we win by 22 points…:)) jkjk. OK I am a homer. It will be close for sure. More like a 5-6 point game.
PS…please stop with the idiocy of the Mathurin posts. He is a class act. Come on…does anyone believe that anybody would do what they have accused him of? No one…there minds are focused on the game and celebration at hand.


You’re going to get different opinions on what happened and that’s to be expected. I personally don’t know if it was intentional or not. I do know what happened as a result and it wasn’t cool.

So many people hide behind the word “accident” and very seldom want to wear the word “accountability” on their chest. That’s the main take away IMO. Also, welcome to the board but i hope the Coogs blow y’all out Thursday. Lol

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