We got under center!

Praise be!


Should have done it on the 1st and 10 from their own 1. Arizona’s series when they had 1st and goal at the 1 was one of the worst series of play calls I’ve seen. It’s amazing how much coaches make and can be so stupid. It happens at the pro level as well. Football isn’t that complicated, but coaches coach like they don’t want to get fired instead of being creative.


Here’s my other takes,
Our receivers can catch in traffic and are tough to bring down on the outside.
Corners and dbs played tough. Garrett ran the wrong way on his last pick but that’s okay.
Applewhite pulled the starters to quick.
I don’t think we are going to lose.
That kicker better get his stuff together.

Wasted a 4 down goaline stand…by allowing a safety.
Can’t King and center practice 10 snaps a day so can run QB sneak when need?

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I agree with the “waste” because at worse I felt we could at least get the ball back to the LOS and kill time off the clock.

I complained about pulling the first string too early, but was surrounded by former players who said our guys were exhausted and dehydrated, and pointed to both King and Oliver. I’ve been a Coog for so long I have lasting memories of blowing big opportunities. My bad. Great win.

Beat TTech!


I can’t even imagine how exhausted our WRs must have been. We ran so many deep routes and the offense moves so fast. I was exhausted just watching them. And Ed’s motor won’t let him slow down, so I’m sure he was gassed as well. I had no problem with pulling the starters but was really glad they were put back in when they were.


I wanted to run a wide rpo to the right because once clear of the tackle box he would be free to throw the ball away if he wasn’t going to clear the end zone.


My observation on WR’s . . . . . When they ran deep routes on the home side of the field, the WR’s would just return to the bench and another WR would replace them. I found it interesting that the Az DB’s did not have major problems, because they did not get to leave the field after every deep route . . . . .

That’s a great idea!!

What do you mean their DBs didn’t have major problems? They were beat consistently and often. The only thing that saved them was the drops.

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I never saw ONE of the Az defensive backs cramp up during the game. They pretty much stayed in the game and ran deep routes with our receivers. The receivers came out of the game while the DB’s had to stay and play . . . . .

Fair enough. I didn’t see any of our WRs cramp up either, but their CBs could not hang with our WRs. We got behind them so often it was hilarious. We rotated WRs in because we have the depth to do so. Just because the CBs weren’t cramping up or passing out doesn’t mean they weren’t exhausted or had no problems.

As I posted earlier, this is a major reason why our WR’s did not cramp up, and why I thought Az’s DB’s should have . . . . .

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If we fail the goalline stand, it’s a 2 TD game and they are kicking off with a chance to try an onside kick. When we gave them 2 points, it was still a 3 TD lead and we pushed them back 73 yards.

A waste would have been turning over the ball trying to do something special. The decision was 100% sound with the lead we had and the amount of time left in the game.

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Wouldn’t a QB run with RB leading have been better?
Instead of a slow devolving handoff from 5 yards deep? Let’s not pretend we gave the safety on purpose…could have took a knee if that was case.
If your gonna be a gun slinging offense then play action and throw deep or roll King out and with run pass option as someone else mentioned earlier…nothing there and King throws away.
Better yet have King take 10 snaps a day so we can run a sneak or run out clock without worrying that Noble will snap it on ground.
It reminded me of last year when we ran a counter vs Temple trying to kill clock on 3rd down…4 yard loss an punt.

Good learning moment for OC. Hope to not see a slow run up middle again in similar situation. One thing we haven’t seen that I expect is in our playbook is a jumbo beer set like when Vollmer would line up at TE.

AZ did rotate their DB’s and one of our deep pass TD’s was when our receiver blew past the back up DB.