We have a major problem

I think this is where Sampson rolls the dice. Double teams against stronger low post players can result in wide open 3s for their perimeter players. We saw that against Utah where the Madson kid was knocking down 3 after 3. Thankfully our guys are pretty good at close outs on the perimeter.

I look at “The Dance” (we thank Coach Sampson for that!) and what UH has to do to advance. Lately, we have been torched by 3 point guys.

David and Dan Bunce; the last 7 footers I remember and I don’t think David was 7’.

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No he is 6’11.

Shouldn’t this thread be titled “Houston, we have a problem?”

I mean no one has uttered that over the last 28 years, right?

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This thread aged well

Its just a guy trying to start unneccessary drama.

Drama? No.

Im not starting arguments with other people

Im looking at the team objectively. Giving my opinion

Good wins.

Hmmm. :thinking:

Glad to see Francis gained weight. Looks stronger.

Tugler with those long arms going to be a foul issue this season. I like him.

This team is going as far as Shead takes them. Hope he stays healthy

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we got to make them

Live by the 3 or die by the 3. When the opponent is hitting them and we’re not, it’s going to be a tough game.

Can’t wait to see Year 2 Jojo.


We are hitting more 10 footers now. Dunn and Sharp and Arceneaux are taking more of those it seems. We’re not one dimensional anymore. We have people who can score the ball. Roberts bank shots on the post are beautiful too. This team looks better.

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That’s not living or dying, that is about every other game in the country

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Another problem, maybe, remember in CKS’s early tournament years, we were done in by really tight officiating. Ticky tacky fouls doomed us. I think now that we’ve established ourselves as a defensive program, the refs let us play our style. But you never know. They might decide to call a tight game against us.

Doesn’t seem so extreme now?

10 fouls in the first half.

Only consistent paint points from Jwan, whos also in foul trouble.

Francis, the non lob threat big

We are winning. This is the type of major problem I’d love to keep


Im glad we’re winning.

But, Xavier seems to be a fringe tourney team, yes?

Great home court and coach.