We Lost to a Good Team Yesterday…

Wisconsin won The Maui Tourney this afternoon, defeating St. Mary by 6.

St. Mary’s was undefeated going in.

The Badgers, behind 6 at the half, outscored The Gaels by 12 in the second half. And, as with their win over our Cougars, they won it at the FT Line. They had a 7 point advantage at The Line. Against UH they had a 3 point advantage.

Never enjoy a loss but this one won’t amount to anything by next March. Wisconsin could be solid in The Big 10.


Play that game again and we win


we played 5 really good halves of basketball and 1 really crappy one…


I texted basically the same thing to a friend at the tournament: 100 minutes of very good basketball and 20 mins not so good.

We have played 12 halves.

11 of 12 very good to excellent!

First half against Hofstra was bad


I was talking only about the tournament

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Wisconsin is a disciplined team that does the basics at an ultra high level. You can play the whole season and might not meet a squad that picks, passes, and posts with the consistency of Wisconsin.

Their passing (team wide) is exquisite.

Grateful we got to play them. That experience will help make our team better.


In our OOC games this year, we play a big10, pac12, SEC, ACC , big12, and BE teams.

Along with several other teams from so called “ lesser leagues”.

Absolutely True. I really wanted us to win this tournament.

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We moved up to 5th in KenPom today. We shouldn’t drop too far in the polls. Top 15 easy.


This is what big time college basketball is about. Being tested. Its what makes it so special. You learn from your losses and everyone kinda starts over in March in a haymaker contest. The most interesting and compelling amateur sports league in the world.


Definitely wouldn’t say easily, we can very well drop out the top 15. It helps that Illinois, seton hall, auburn lost. But they will probably put Arizona, Arkansas, Tenn, St. Bon in front of us. We will probably bet in the 17-20 range

Doesn’t matter at this stage.


There is another tournament I want us to win way more.


Yeah. I told a friend that if we had just a bad half we are undefeated, but we had a atrocious half and still should have one. If we either advance the ball faster after the last rebound or if one of Sasser’s wide open threes goes in (which many times would) late in the game.

We might drop, but I’m not sure we do. Losing to a good team on a neutral court by 2 and dominating two other quality teams on neutral courts by about 20 and 30 actually could move us up. It would for sure if we were in a money conference.

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Wisconsin will be right behind us in the 20’s.

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Idk man same record and they beat us, u know they give the big 10 teams a lot of love. I hope Michigan state wins because UConn will be ahead of us too. But like @FunkMasterMilluns at this point is no big deal, I just love being ranked as high as possible

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