We need a Red and White Game!

50 days is a lot of time to wait to see the coogs. This is what the fanbase needs right now.

we dont have one scheduled this year and probably what the fanbase needs with the football trajectory and excitement around the basketball team…

sept 1st would be a great date… the Tulane football game is on Friday (so Saturday is free)… and last hooray before conditioning month… but we have no Saturday home game all month so anytime next wont could work

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October 1st? I would be up for that!


Especially with the preseason hype and anticipation of this season. They probably could sellout the FC for it if they promoted it and made it a real event.


We had one last year only a few hundred people showed up, Jarace Walker was there being recruited


If they did it as a

Father vs Son type of match

Mixed up the players

Told half the crowd to cheer for red and half for white to make it feel competitive

And had a halftime show and a long introduction of players

I’d pay to see it. It doesn’t even have to be free. But if it was people would go. Point 3 is crucial for it to be a good game though


It was a glorified scrimmage w/little promo but you are right. If they actually marketed it and made it a big deal people would show up.

I’m ready for the real season to begin. If you want to something to get students involved then go with Midnight Madness and give out refreshments.
See you guys at the Rice game Saturday

Yes. September 1st would be better for eager fans but October 1st. would make more sense for the team - More time for the new-comers to learn the system, practice their skills, and have a semblance of a real game.

Also, September 1st was 18 days ago…

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last year was packaged with as football game last minute… the hype this year is bigger. hope we put something together

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Maybe add a former players scrimmage before the Red / White take the court. Maybe Pink/Gray since they are a little older?:smiley:

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Could also do Players vs. Alumni. Wonder how much it would cost to get some of our G-League guys back in town? Even if it was just an exhibition, I’d be curious to see how the team would do against, say…

Coach: Mikhail McLean


PG: DeJon Jarreau
SG: Rob Gray
SF: Nate Hinton
PF: Devonta Pollard
C: Fabian White


Galen Robinson
Wes Van Beck
Josh Carlton
Chicken Knowles

I assume that team, given their extra few years of development, would absolutely smoke the current kids. But it would be fun to see some of the old guys come back.

As an OOT Coog who couldn’t make the R&W game, I would readily drop $20 to stream it. Big money making and area hype opportunity…if promoted correctly.

Didn’t we used to have a midnight scrimmage years ago?

Yep with Clyde here. Didn’t go over very well and dropped

Even though the attendance wasn’t great for the red and white game last year they had the available seats roped off so it seemed more intimate and that section was full. It seemed like a lot of the big wigs were there and it was the same day as the SMU game where I had the pleasure of rushing the field after that insane kick return. I saw Jarace at the scrimmage and knew he was at the SMU game as well and I thought if there was any game to bring him to it was this game despite the lackluster attendance. I was worried about getting him that morning but I felt a lot more confident when I went to bed at 3am. (frat party lol) it’s crazy how good we’ve gotten with recruiting between 2019 and now.

Some team we play this year will wear red and if we wear white, then we will have a red and white game.

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