We need to talk to this guy

Replaced by Garrett Riley, formally of TCU and imaginary Coogfans replacement for CDH or CSD.


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coach shannon Dawson

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I thought Clemson’s offense was bad…


It was. Hes a pretty dang good recruiter, not as good as Jeff Scott was, but he took over as OC in 2021. And has been bad. If he wants it he will probably get 1 more shot as an OC for a G5 school before being booted back to Position coach

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@Gdashman got it. Coach Shannon Dawson.

perfect move for Riley, and in 2 years if Holgo does not have success and a change is made I would think Riley would be a logical candidate

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Imaginary? That is pretty rude considering coach Kliff Kingsbury is being floated as an OC candidate…

Got what now?

I used Shannon Dawson’s initials Coach Shannon Dawson (CSD) in a post and a poster asked what CSD meant and @Gdashmnan responded. I was just confirming he was correct.

Oh I thought poster was telling you it was CSD, not CDH

More like PTSD.

I am a big time Coogfan, and I don’t have an imaginary replacement for CDH. I am not a Coogfan that likes to play the role of athletic director and fire coaches left and right. I love to support my coogs and that it is good enough for me. Go Coogs


A rare Coogfan if there ever was one . . . . .


A rare sports fan if there ever was one.


Clemson won a lot of games…