We need UCF to destroy everyone!

If we have even a remote shot at the playoff, we need UCF to be dominate. We would face them in the AAC Championship game.

We need to be unbeaten as well but we could really use the momentum IF we were to beat a highly ranked UCF team that hadn’t lost a game in 2 seasons going into the AAC championship game. And right before the committee decides who is IN.

Playoffs are still a long shot regardless but that scenario could really help us if it were to happen and we had another magical season.

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And they are doing just that.

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I want UCF to win as well. Since they are already ranked what chance does UH have to pass them? If both should end season undefeated then they probably host, bummer.

Would have really helped if the preseason voters had started them higher than 21.

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Why so concerned about preseason votes or any of the poll votes? For CFP and NY6, the only votes that matter are the CFP which doesn’t start until later. Some of the CFP polls were drastically different from AP and coaches last year

Probably depends on what Tech and Arizona do in their season. UCF has FAU, Pitt and UNC in their OOC

UCF 56 UCONN 17. Knights did their part now GO COOGS!!


FAU may be there toughest OOC. Pitt and UNC aren’t expected to do much.

UCF needs to lose one. Otherwise, they host in the event of a champ game.

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But UCF has a headstart so need Arizona and Tech to have nice seasons. Rice and TSU will do nothing. I think UH would host if both go undefeated but the cart is so far ahead of my horse I cannot even see it…


Just glad the season is finally here

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I am all in for everyone in the conference killing it we all need the hype. Not to change the topic, but if the other thread is right about the AAC pushing for $8-$10 mill per team, that would help us all out big time.

Great stomp by UCF. Win the games you’re supposed to win. Simple


No way. UCF is starting at #21. Coming off an undefeated season and then having an undefeated season, no way we would move in front of them.


What matters is what we do week in and week out. We need to make a media impact every single game we play. The Run N Shoot made us nearly unstoppable but a bunch of hypocrites did not like that we scored so many points. Today? Look around & check the scores.
The media runs college football. Let’s be the media.

Check this. The cartel is at work & it never stops.

It’s better that UCF is ranked higher than us, at home and undefeated for us to have snowballs chance in hell to make a top 4 ranking with our schedule. If we aren’t up for the task of beating UCF in Florida, don’t think we need our eyes on the prize.

There isn’t even a snowball to have a chance. No team … I repeat… no team outside of the P5 will ever make the 4-team playoff with the CFP committee. It isn’t even worth discussing. …and no, UH would not have made it even if we had gone undefeated in 2016. It is a foregone conclusion.

I prefer to get every advantage we can possibly have to win a conference championship and that means playing in Houston.


There can be no conclusion on that because UH lost before the first ranking. So there is nothing factual to base it on for that season. If the only facts you have is showing how G5 schools that didn’t beat two top 10 teams, little alone top 5 teams and started the season unranked did, it’s an apples to oranges comparison.

When a G5 team starts out ranked, goes undefeated, beats a couple of ranked teams including one top 10 team and still just barely makes it into the top 10 in the final poll, then we can talk about 2016 again.

They give UT a 3% chance to make the playoff. LMFAO!!!

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Its not going to happen. They’ll have a couple losses in their resume. All UH has to do, is focused on their opponent week by week. The talent is there.

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Guys we have to beat AZ and TT first it ain’t going to be easy, chances are very good we split those games, let’s quit worrying about CFP


I’m not worried about the CFB, we have to worry about winning our division first, then winning the conference championship, and then hope on a whole bunch of other factors outside of our control. I just hope that we go 1-0 every single week.

Besides, it would be great if both UCF and us were to go undefeated, and if we have to go to their house for the conference championship game it would just add more credibility to our victory if we won.

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