We need UCF to destroy everyone!

we need to win both games. not settle for a split. both games winnable.


Yes but Coogin’ is still a thing. And I remember people were saying we were going to punish tech last year and we came up short. Splitting those two games isn’t the end of the world, they’re not in our conference and we can still make the AACC.

previous coaching staff went undefeated against p5 schools so this current coaching staff have no excuses not to win both matchups. if you want to be taken seriously you have to win games against teams who are average at best in their own P5 conference.

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They’re not going to take us seriously either way. That’s why it’s important for us to win at least one of those games, win our conference every year and recruit well. Eventually we will land a Power 5 spot and they will have not choice. It will always be naysayers whether we’re doing what you said or not.

Nonsense. We were already #6 going into the Navy game. If we had run the table in conference, we would have been in the top 4 going into the Louisville game in late November. Blowing out #3 Louisville would have cemented us in the top 4.

It’s absolutely true that a G5 would have to thread an almost-impossibly small needle to make the CFP. An undefeated Houston in 2016 would have threaded that needle, with wins over two Power 5 opponents in the top 5 in the country.

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eh i disagree. if we beat zona here and knock out tech at their place they definitely would. we would be ranked by then. at some point we have to be ranked again. cant go 2 straight seasons not being ranked.

That was ap poll. The first bcs poll had not yet been released and that was and is the only poll that matters. The bcs tends to rank the highest rated g5 5 to 10 places lower than the ap.

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That’s correct OldtimeCoog. Some folks just don’t get it. Life is not fair and no G5 team will ever make the current 4 team playoffs.

Now if some G5 team were to go undefeated, winning all their games by 30+ points (including at least 2 against P5 teams) and become ranked #1 in the AP Poll, then the playoff committee would be pressed to consider it.

The probable outcome of that would be that such a G5 team would be placed at #5 (just outside the 4 playoff teams) and there would be stronger political pressure to expand to an 8 team playoff and to admit one G5 team if it was ranked in the top 8.

We need to destroy everyone.
Yes, that also means running up the score when we have the chance.
Because, that is what gets noticed.

That is the only thing we can control.
What ever happens after that happens.

The only chance for a G5 Team to make the cfp is through a lawsuit or a popular uproar.
Let’s say UCF finishes undefeated again including a NY6 win. Then just maybe you will have some noise. Realistically that noise will be quickly extinguished. Now if this happens three years in row we might finally see congress move their butts & get involved. The fact is that this system should have never been permitted/allowed in the first place. It is not too late to act but only a lawsuit with politicians involved will move the needle.
Who has the guts/the cojones to sue espn/fox or cbs for false advertising? To call this a National Champion is by definition false advertising.

NESN for example:

The entire press calls Alabama National Champion.

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I don’t want to “like” this but I agree, the highest any g5 will ever be ranked is #5.


I guess I misunderstood what you meant by being “taken serious”. If you mean being ranked, then yes, we could be. If you meant getting into the CFP, then it probably won’t happen. They’ll continue to push us down due to scheduling. It’s not realistic until we get into a P5 conference.

yeah being ranked. our schedule isn’t good enough to go to the playoffs this season. the earliest we would be ranked is week 4 if we win our first 3 games of the season. something would have to go crazy for us to make the playoffs.

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Going undefeated with a NY6 win sets us up nicely for 2019. With the 2019 OOC schedule, this is our redo of 2015/2016 and if we can pull off the improbable of going undefeated this year and running the table next year, we’ll know once and for all if a G5 will ever make the CFP.

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Let’s see how UCF does. Ran table last year and currently undefeated. When they continue to win they will move up the polls.

I think 2016 was possible too. As you mentioned though, it’s a small needle to thread. 2016 was such a perfect storm for us. That couldn’t be planned for or really anticipated. The stars have to line up almost perfectly with the schedule to have a shot and you also need back to back perfect (or close to it) seasons.

That’s assuming the committee will select us, is fair, and isn’t corrupt in any shape or fashion. They’ll put who they want in, and the cold truth is we are not who they would want. Ask UCF.

Yet, they couldn’t go undefeated against average at best teams in our own conference. Go figure.

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That UCF quarterback looked sharp.

neither has the current coaching staff