We Only Play One Half

We have only played one good half each game. This is the result of coaching. Coaches seem to change the way we play after halftime. We don’t keep the pressure on the other team.


Hard to disagree


Appears those slow starts with CKS have been forgetten. The tendency to not play complete games have reappeared.

Posted this in the GAMEDAY thread, but it fits better here. My take on it:

I honestly don’t know. I doubt everyone goes in and just forgets how to play at halftime. I mean, we actually did look good against OU in the 2nd half.

Maybe they are tired from the schedule. Maybe the team leadership isn’t where it needs to be and players aren’t holding each other accountable. Maybe injuries are starting to pile up. Maybe the talent just isn’t there.

I’m hoping it’s any of those because the alternative is that our staff is getting straight up owned by the opposition with adjustments at halftime. We’ve been outscored 42-10 in the 3Q now and 38-27 in the 4Q. That’s an 80-37 advantage for the opposition in 4 games…that’s why we’re 1-3.


CDH, right? Not CKS.

The slow starts we use to have when Sumlin was the coach.

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Not playing a complete game is completely on the coaching staff, whether it be conditioning, half time adjustments, or any other excuse.


It looks to me that the other team makes adjustments and we stand pat… unprepared to counter opposition adjustments.

Dana has to be smarter than that. I expect he will remedy that situation. Assuming I am right in my appraisal.


He meant Sumlin.

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Honestly it does look like the offense makes adjustments. It looks like they slow the pace down and I think that may have been to give defense a breather. But I could be wrong.