We Pay Dana regardless

How much will a person chosen by a good firm cost us to be the head coach? Is it $2MM? Is it $3MM?
Do we find the money for an up and comer? If Dana continues to run the program into a Kim Helton like situation while earning $4MM+ per year, we need to let him collect those checks without doing any more damage to the program.
I am sure we can get better candidates for less than what CDH is earning. And when CDH’s salary is off the books, then we can increase the new guy’s salary if he deserves it.
Those early-season losses to mediocre teams are a killer. All those empty seats make it look like a tomb when you think back to the Louisville game.

Lastly, because I just like to complain, I sTILL hate that they put the IPF right in the cutaway of downtown. Ruined the one unique feature about the stadium.


Redcat breaks out the general ledger and drops some accounting truth bombs into the sales budget.

Top tier consulting. $150 per hr for “beyond scope.”

Note: Lets hope Yezman has him on retainer and didn’t agree to any pro rata fees.

Dude, this has been beaten to death. There’s nothing you wrote that hasn’t been brought up 100 times or more. Just give it a rest, CDH is our coach and will be next season and probably the season after that as well – at least.


The 4,000 fans at next year’s games agree.


Every game next year will have better attendance than our best home game this year.

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Season tickets?

I view him like Kim Helton and Dana Dimel with a winning record.
He’s Kim Helton in that we extended his contract after one winning season and Dana Dimel in that he’s not exactly beloved by the fans.

But because of that contract, you’re right, we’re stuck with him.


I’m gonna start a gofundme for Dana’s buyout and i’ll donate $1 to it every time someone starts a thread about CDH needing to get fired. We should be able to pay the buyout before Christmas at this rate


If we’re having finance truth talk, it doesn’t matter. Tickets sold and people in the seats, regardless of who buys them, are what pays the bills.

At least all our opponents will have an additional home game

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Hope you have DEEP pockets . . . . . you will need big bucks . . . . .


Although not happy with our coach and no doubt the games will be more difficult, I will be at more games next year. I live out of town and I’ll be more motivated to commit to the weekend, costs and travel to see us playing some better teams-think UT, Baylor, TCU—than the teams we played this past year like Temple, ECU, Tulsa etc.

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We lack imagination here at coogfans.

The going rate for a P5 coach that multiple programs want is $4-5+ million a year. Plus buyouts for them and our entire staff. Not sure why anybody thinks we could get away with a $2 million a year coach now. Even UTSA is paying Traylor $2.8.


So does this mean we will start marketing properly and have 5K plus from different kids groups at every game? This is the type of staff we need to spend our Big 12 monies on expanding. The ticketing office staff needs to be tripled at the least with a leader
who gets paid well.
We need a marketing team on the phones talking to schools, youth leagues and scouts every day. No excuse to not be north of 5K for just about every game.

I don’t know that you need a p5 coach that everyone wants. I think you need to have the energy to find a lower level coach that has won with everything he’s had thrown in his lap. It takes persistence and vision to find that guy and gamble a little on him. You can pay him less with performance layered in his package.

Nothing is more Coogfans than Coogfans complaining about Coogfans complaining. :slight_smile:



But if you complain about complaining you’re smart. If you are a lower level complainer you’re one of the “dumbest fans in America.”


Nothing is more Coogfans than CoogFans complaining about Coogfans complaining on a Coogfans thread about complaining on Coogfans.