We Play LSU in 2027

I’m planning on it which reminds me I need my FF tickets.

I am wondering if the seating provided to U of H season ticket holders will be the same type of crap seats provided for the Advocare Kickoff with OU. My guess is it will be the same type of crap seats since this is the Texas Kickoff and not a TDECU home game moved to NRG. Also, was this an invite from the Texas Kickoff or is this really something Pez and LSU lined up?

This is all about NRG and the sponsor of the Kickoff Classic. But, I’m sure Pez was very active in promoting UH to be invited, as that is the only way schools play in this Classic. They are invited.

Pez did great on this.

A lot of the teams we’d consider “big names” don’t really play “true” road games in OOC, and if they do it’s against similar names.

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Me too Johnny…

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Well, I looked at the LSU board and along with many who don’t want to play this game, several were saying that they would rather play a home and home and that they don’t like neutral site games. I’m sure as a Big 12 opponent, it would be possible to find such matchups in the future. Texas did one with LSU a couple of years back, didn’t they? I’m sure it’s pretty common.

UT did do a home and home with Lsu.

I just got off the phone with a friend in my industry.
He is excited about this.
He attends UH fund raisers with some of his frat brothers from UH and attends some games with me.
He never went to scholl at UH.
He played sports at Southern until he got hurt, then he transfered to LSU and palyed in the band.`
They are a lot of LSU fans glad to come here and play us. They are the fun ones.


The “Bandgate” game. UT officials put the LSU Band in the nosebleed section in the upper deck and LSU were officials were furious. LSU officials said publically they would repay the favor.


UH is not UT. UH @ LSU is not the draw that UT @ LSU is, and thus the two series are handled differently.

Yes, at this point in time, UH’s home attendance is closer to Rice than it is to any Big12 school, much less to either UT or ATM.

So this has to do with attendance? (Which by the way is correlated to the coaching staff)

Well, Pezman is off to a good start with home and homes with Utah and Colorado and those were set up without Big 12 membership. There are plenty of potential schools in this country that are good at football. It doesn’t have to be the cows. (In fact, I would prefer it not be the cows).


I’ll “only” be 69, so I better be there because this is a game I’ll really look forward to.