We’re #2. Bama jumped us

Waiting for the new poll to be released lol

Can you post the link?
Haven’t seen it on the twitter

They are at lunch so you have to wait another hour.

Mystery will be how the 62 votes are split tween Houston and Bama. Bama’s two blowout wins may have carried weight but it’s gotta be a 40/20 split for the good guys

Coaches poll up, we # 2

We’re #2 in the AP. Kinda wild

Yep I knew Bama would jump us. they beat us and that’s all the voters see.


Not cool AP voters. Not cool

Just keep that 1 seed locked up…


It’s Rigged!


The voters knew that last week, and we were ahead of them.

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I guess basketball voting is more like football than i realized. Whatever, we just need to keep winning. Hope this motivates the coaches and players.

I told you all this was a distinct possibility…


This matters

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Inconsistency on that is puzzling. That win was there last week, yet 46 voters had UH over Bama. Only thing I can think of is the beatdown of Florida and a ‘tough’ win at Auburn was enough to move the needle

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Pretty tight between #1 (1523 votes) and #2 (1503 votes).


Blame the AAC for this one. Not enough big games in the league, especially during prime time


Voters are definitely inconsistent. But also take into account like you said Bama won twice this week at Auburn which had college game day and obliterated Florida and we played early in the week and dominated against a terrible opponent.