We should reach out to Stanford and Cal

I realize everyone is thinking about the ACC teams we COULD capture, but that is not a reality. The reality is we have no presence in California. We should bring B12 into California for recruiting and the Bay area. One, going to the Bay for football is GOOD. It’s like going to HOUSTON. It’s an attraction and an event. They also have as many outstanding restaurants as we do except for BBQ and Tex_Mex.
It also brings us California covering B12 instead of ignoring us. We have already grabbed several outstanding athletes from California in the past. Let’s get more both football and basketball. We have a Florida presence with UCF but there are so many p5’s in Florida it’s a tough slog. California has only 2 P5’s now. Let’s add the additional 2 P5s. One which annually wins the top spot in all NCAA championships in Stanford.
If the ACC busts, we pick up the pieces. Who cares if it’s 20 or 24 teams in the New paradigm. We want to be in the TOP 3 PF’s and ready to challenge the TOP 2.


I’ll go one step farther. Grab OSU and WSU and take all the viewers of PAC12 who liked these teams and get their eyes on the B12. Go after the remnants of ACC when that could implode as late as after 2030. Until then looking at the ACC is wishful thinking. PAC12 is dead. Pick the viewers from the WEST coast.

What outstanding restaurants do OSU & WSU bring tho?

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Cal is trash. They are in massive debt. They have cut programs recently. They don’t care about football or basketball or baseball (the sport they cut before bringing it back, recently).

Cal adds very little besides name, and it’s a diminishing brand with very little upside.

Stanford holds hope, with the right president, that football and basketball are part of a college culture again.

But not if it requires Cal.


The strength of the Big 12 is that the schools (other than Utah) are like minded and happy to be here.

Cal and Stanford will never be like minded with the Big 12 schools.

The ACC will implode. Time to expand east.


Yeah. Just wait out the ACC to implode whenever that is. There’s like 12 out of their 15 schools who bring quite a bit to a new conference. And we know SEC and Big 10 can’t bring everyone of them.

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It’s not up to me, but if it was…No, to those two.


The title of thread is confusing. We don’t have to reach out to Stanford or Cal. They both already reached out to us.

The reason I am being particular on the grammar is because everything has changed, We (the conference) is in the driver’s seat right now.

True, we have seen conferences in the more powerful position before only to lose it all. However for the first time in decades we apparently landed in a conference that choose a commissioner that seems to know what he is doing.


On behalf of the Rice Institute or what ??

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Did they?

I haven’t seen a credible source to that effect.

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If you are President of either one of those institutions and you received an unwelcoming reception from the B1G (that is an assumption).

What would you do?

I believe they reached out, I believe many others reached out as well.

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But what about the restaurants?

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To hell with Stanford and Cal… Let them become Rice…


Did we just not see that the PAC WITH Washington/Oregon/ Arizona etc. had little value to the TV networks and now we want add ALL of the non-B1G Ten worthy schools??

I say we added the four we wanted and now we focus on securing our best 4 ACC options WHEN that happens.

We need to think Big Picture here and not make a reactionary decision to help the PAC castaways.

I’m assuming we knew which four we wanted to add to our conference.


I agree that we shouldn’t help three out of the four castaways.

I’m open to Stanford though, simply because the Big 12 is the only one of the P3s that doesn’t have an academically super-elite misfit. Gotta keep up with the Joneses ya know!

Plus, there’s that whole late night time slot thing.

We’ll see if Stanford has any interest though.

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I was originally a fan of ASU, but AZ is good and preferred by everyone else. That said, I don’t think we need both AZ schools, so had we not already accepted ASU’s application, Stanford might have been a better choice.

Still no to Cal.

I have no problem with Stanford or Cal as institutions, but I agree with the poster who said we should focus our gaze to the east. We already have Cincinnati, West Virginia and UCF, and it would be nice to solidify with some of the eastern (or midwestern) population centers.


I wouldn’t say they’re so happy to be here. Maybe Colorado, but the other 3 would’ve preferred to stay in the PAC if Oregon and Washington stayed

The two Arizona schools were always a package deal….state was not letting one go without the other.