We should stay alert for D'Eriq King

Being fired and given 2 mil probably doesn’t suck

I makes no sense for king to transfer as a senior and sit out a entire year.

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26 college coaches fired last year, 28 the year before (Sporting News). What’s a smooth firing? I was supportive of giving him another year, assuming KB would stay. Now faced with no OC or DC, and clearly on the hot seat with a difficult schedule ahead, what process should have been followed?

Hope we don’t lose players, but perfectly understandable if we do. Every school that fires a coach goes through the same exercise.

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If anything this wasn’t a knee jerk firing. I’m sure we have our ducks in a row. He should’ve been run off after SMU. He was never going to work here and never should’ve been hired. The shitshow was hiring him after stating how many name coaches wanted this job.


Ward thought Herman was crazy… He’ll get over it.


Ward was/is right !

So you’d prefer to keep him another year ?

This is one is different for us because different media outlets had us firing CMA and hiring Holgerson or even going after Kliff when nothing was set in stone. We were all butt hurt when Disney was reporting Herman was going to LSU or TU. We are flirting with firing a man who has given us two crappy winning seasons to hoping we hire a guy who MIGHT come. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I think CMA’s time here has gone, but putting Dana’s name out there for the running for HC seems ballsy. HC positions will be open, hell, NFL positions are open right now. We shall see…

He might transfer out. It happens. We had the exodus when Sampson came in, though that was about more than just Dickey being fired. I’m sure he was close to Major so it can’t be easy. Hopefully everyone who considers leaving will give whoever we hire a shot.

If I’m Dana I call King ten seconds after the ink is dry. He can build a season around King.

Let’s not forget Bryson Smith he can step in at QB.

Agree but King is battle-tested and comes with conference accolades.

Let’s go with King. Smith has often made some pretty poor decisions when given the opportunity. Hopefully, that is just lack of experience in the role of a college QB.

Levi seems ok…


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Probably waiting to see who the hire is.

No, he has been fine all day…




You all know who you are: all of you responding to D’Eriq’s tweets trying to convince him how bad his head coach was need to cut the crap. Stop trying to debate your favorite college football quarterback on Twitter. I would like to think our fanbase is above that.


Still is concerning that his tweet ends with :crossed_fingers:t5:.

Agreed. Nobody on this board should be having any contact with our players or recruits.