We Still Have a Lot to Prove

And we still have a lot to lose.

What happened versus Navy happened. It’s just damn hard to have a perfect season in college football.

That doesn’t take away the fact that we have a lot on the line with a coaching staff that made us believe that perfection was possible, and worked damn hard to try and get us there.

In some ways we’re lucky: most fans are mere spectators. It doesn’t matter what they do. For us, it does matter. The eyes of the coaching staff and every power conference will be on us in the coming weeks. Are we a group of bandwagoners are will we show up to support our city, our university, our team?

Immediately after the loss, I sent another donation to the shirt campaign and I encourage everyone else to send in again too. As little as $5 buys a shirt towards our goal.


Show up loud and proud to the game against Tulsa, and be sure to bring as many friends with you as possible. Let’s show the world what the Cougars are made of!


Amen brother!

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Well stated.

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