We won't be hearing the saying "5" Final Fours anymore

Moved into the top 15 all time!

6 yess it’s very tough to do and with a recent final 4 they can stop say 30 something yrs ago which makes us relevant again


I used to celebrate with Jim, Johnny and Jack, now it is vanilla ice cream with gobs of other stuff.


This topic is so true. “5 final fours” I’ve heard it my whole life. I’m 32. It was a statistic that I had memorized like Roger Marris’ 61 or Wilt’s 100!

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“I used to celebrate with Jim, Johnny, and Jack…” in Japan we call that bukakke!!! lol :crazy_face: :joy: :rofl:

Edit: please don’t delete. That’s funny as heck!! lol


We now have the most final four appearances without a championship.

I don’t think we are going to 3 straight final fours but I would be surprised if we don’t make a couple more in this decade.

The program is in excellent shape and now whatever it needs the administration will move mountains to get it for them.

It wasn’t as big as NCAA in 77 but still much more than what it is now