Wednesday 12/6 game against Fairfield moved to 11 am

I get the idea, but this kills the ability of our fans who have jobs to attend. I’m sure they aren’t going to discount the S/T packages for one fewer game.

Seems it would be better to keep the kids in class !

Who comes up with this stuff? Idiots working in the admin., 11am on a Wednesday! Nice job.

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Long lunch maybe? Here’s a thought: have some kind of catered BBQ lunch or something for $5 or $7/head inside the arena so people could do a work lunch and game (along with 100s of elementary school students!). I know there are concessions but I am saying a special lunch for the workers and other fans making the effort to come to the game.

For anyone worried about the kids missing classroom time, go check out the zoo or Houston Livestock Show on any Friday and you will see just how field trips there are.

Check out the grades of HISD schools !!