Week 4 Bowl Projections


Frisco Bowl vs Toledo
Armed Forces Bowl vs Iowa State


Frisco Bowl vs Toledo

Sporting News

Cure Bowl vs Appalachian State


Frisco Bowl vs Toledo


Birmingham Bowl vs Vanderbilt

Orlando Sentinel

Frisco Bowl vs Toledo

eh. not excited

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Another season of no bowl for me if those end up the choices.

This is a classic example of the primary reason why UH might never get upgraded to P5 status. (ie: pathetic faux fans)


Yeah, I’m a faux fan. Bite me.


If we end up having to play in any of those bowls, I think we should be grateful due to our season being bad. You don’t have good seasons and end up in the Frisco Chili Bowl. I doubt we’ll see any of those going 9-3 or 10-2…


this is an example of fans who settle for less and aren’t content at being great. we should be playing for New years 6 bids.

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lol It’s not about us fans. It’s about the type of season the TEAM has(fans don’t pick the bowl), national relevancy, and the draw of the ticket. We can huff and puff all we want but no one is going to hear us if we have a bad season. No one will care either. Cold…hard…facts…

I’m sorry, you cant possibly tell me playing Toledo in frisco on a wed in dec is going to get people hyped and show up. only bowls we should play in are vs p5 schools or a new years 6 bowl.

Totally, we should be ecstatic about the thought of our Coogs playing the mean Toledo Rockets from the esteemed MAC in a soccer stadium in Frisco. Those tickets will sell themselves.

Who cares who we play? That’s the issue. Yes, you would be more hyped with a quality opponent, but do we show up for them or the Coogs? They play for us! Not Toledo, and not Frisco.

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we should care who we play. that’s the problem.

Nebraska sold out for Troy. So we ain’t there yet.


Ever been to Lincoln & Omaha? There are only two things to do in the fall, harvest corn & wheat and go to Nebraska football games

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If we win 10 or more games, I suspect that ESPN will pull some strings to get us a better matchup than Toledo in the Frisco Bowl. Kinda like how we ended up in Las Vegas in 2016.

For example, let’s say we win 10 games and UCF gets the NY6 bid over Boise. I could see ESPN concluding that UH-Boise would be a lot sexier matchup than UH-Toledo or UH-Appalachian State.


You aren’t wrong. Lived there for 6 years. Was told almost immediately on arrival that their stadium becomes the 3rd largest city in the state on Gameday.


I understand, but there’s a difference between caring and not showing up, and not caring and showing up. All we can really do is support our guys. They shouldn’t suffer because the opponent isn’t very prestigious. We also need to keep in mind that we lost to two MWC teams in consecutive bowl games; maybe we really shouldn’t look down on smaller programs.


nobody is looking down on them. Toledo is a good opponent. UH has expectations of being the best g5 program in the country. this season’s goal should be new years 6. if we don’t make it then the season is a disappointment. that’s what i meant.

Ok so when we don’t make it into a NY6, what do you think we(fans) should do? Not show up or try to pack the stadium regardless?

hope that the bowl we go to puts us against a p5 program. wouldn’t mind the armed forces bowl since its closer and its on a weekend. that game would get people to come.

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