Week 5 Bowl Projections

Cure Bowl vs Troy
Belk Bowl vs Duke

Birmingham Bowl vs Vanderbilt

yuck lol

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Frisco Bowl vs Toledo

The Cereal Bowl with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and fresh organic strawberries sounds just fine to me.


I only looked at Sports illustrated closely, but they predicted only 2 bowls would have a p5 slot unfilled. It will be more. They also said one of those bowls would be the independence bowl and they would take Appalachian state while we go to Frisco. Yeah right. Win 10 regular season games and we’ll be taken care of, ny6 or not.

Those rooting for playoff expansion, need more chaos:

  1. Notre Dame undefeated, they’ll get in and take a coveted spot as an independent.
  2. Bama and Georgia undefeated until Atlanta and Georgia wins the game. They’ll be screaming both should get in.
  3. As many 1-loss champs as possible, preferably blue bloods tOSU, OU, etc.

They’ll expand real quick with some seasons like this.


Memphis in the Birmingham bowl is dumb they aren’t even going to be in the championship game. Especially with a weak running group and a statue for a QB. Likely UCF unless they get in a a P6 Rep in which case runner up likely goes there. And that would be us.

Bourbon Bowl or Bust


I sound like a typical P5 snob but I don’t want a bowl game against a fellow G5 team. Even if we face a Duke or Vandy I’d like that over a Toledo.


While we would all prefer a bowl game against a P5 team, thankfully our President, AD & our FB Coach all understand that (in the absence of a P5 bowl opponent) a regional bowl game is the next best thing for building up our FB program and for recruiting purposes.

We’re P6 baby!


American Standard Toilet Bowl Classic…

Derrick, is that a new bowl game at Delmar Stadium sponsored by Ferguson Plumbing or Morrison Supply? And as for uniform colors, does UH have to choose exclusively from among bone, linen or white?


At least traffic won’t get backed up leaving.


I do hope they offer fans the comfort height seats.

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The coveted Golden Plunger is awarded to the winner


Hilarious responses. Good work guys!


Years ago I would have agreed with you but in this day of almost everybody gets into a bowl game I don’t think it helps recruiting but it does give us extra practice time.

There is always the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl or The Makers Wanted bowl.

Servpro Bowl and how can we ignore the Cheez-it bowl?

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Pearland bowl at The RIG!!!