Week 9 Non-Coog Game Discussion

This conference has some solid teams.


Trevor Lawrence has covid.

Really? So I guess he will be running a “no huddle” offense this week - unless he retests negative.

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States he might be out for the Notre Dame game as well

Wow, love your assessment. I want Memphis to lose.

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Wow. Tulsa getting a schooling by ECU 14-3 mid 2nd qtr


This sure doesn’t look like the Tulsa D that held Ok. St to 16 points and UCF (country’s leading offense) to 26. Nor does the offense look like the one that put 34 and 42 on UCF and USF.


This is ECUs superbowl!

ECU 17 Tulsa 3 at halftime. ECU dominating on both sides of the ball.


Former UH commit Levi Williams on fs1 if you’re bored.

Cincinnati’s defense is so good and Memphis has such a bad defense. I can’t see Memphis overcoming the disparity in defense alone, never mind the offensive side. I think Cincinnati will win by a decent margin, but you never know when a team is going to have an inexplicable letdown; maybe the Bearcats will be overconfident.

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That’s funny I was going to take Memphis to cover with Cincy getting 7 whole points. Them and Cincy usually have a good game. 7 seems high to me. I don’t believe Memphis has fallen as far as it seems from last season.

Apparently Trevor Lawrence is everything to Clemson, including the defense. Boston College up 21-10 with the ball shortly before half.


You can tell the team is feeling down without Trevor.

BC scores again! Faked a fake FG to draw Clemson offsides for a 1st down. Then an unbelievable catch for a TD. Wow!

Bet it tightens up in the second half. BC is playing out their heads.
Cincy D looking legit vs Memphis in 1st half

Memphis getting taken to the woodshed.

Temple getting beat even harder by Tulane.

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Yup, I’m sold on Cincy, they have both offense and D playing at a high level
Look at that final score, 49-10 Cincy is for real


And of course Clemson has taken the lead

UT-Austin leading Okis State 34-31with 1:30 min left 4th qtr. If Okie ste folds, Big12 is out of CFP and Herman keeps his gig. Literally torn about this.