Week of Temple Practice reports


Good response.

Wish him the best! Also, wish Potsma, King, Smith, other QB’s the same.

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Regardless of anything, he seems like a nice young man who could have chosen to transfer anywhere and chose us. Let’s embrace Kyle the same way we do all of our players. He is a Cougar.


Good kid! I hope there is open competition at the center position. The center was part of the problem with his chihuahua hikes.

Allen is going to do great things as a grad transfer in the FCS. That speed is much better fit for his decision making.

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Noble has historically been pretty solid for UH. He’s earned the chance to fix that problem

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Do you think A&M thought the same thing?

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Either Postma or King should start at least until KA gets up to speed. Six turnovers in three games. Nine or Ten if you count the spring game.

We can all like Allen. But he has seen game action in three games. We are in the lowest third offensively in the country.
Give Postma or King an opportunity to steer the car.

Yes. General angst up in SHITville at losing 3 highly rated QBs in a relatively short time but Allen as an individual wasn’t considered a huge loss.

He was showing the same limitations as now.

Exactly, I heard there was an attitude problem.


There’s definitely an attitude problem in this thread.


It’s an open forum. Tells us more.

Reps! Who is getting the majority of the reps at QB? Do we have access to that question? That is going to answer mine and I am sure yours. Do we have real competition at the QB position or just media talk? It is a fair question to ask.