Welcome back Nebraska

Isn’t this the twitter account created specifically to needle and make fun of Coog57?

That would be great news because for that to happen…ut would have to be leaving !!!

Ill take Nebraska over UT any day.

Depending on what happens next week and unraveling the Flugaville tweets …

Nebraska maybe wanting to board the Titanic part deux.

Several factors may have motivated them …

One they were never really welcomed in the B1G and moi having heard personally from badger and buckeyes fans in Madison who were against their joining and not happy with them around.

Two the huskers lost their recruiting in Texas and have been struggling ever since. That area they’re located have a limited number of recruits and SO MANY MOUTHS TO FEED from neighboring B1G schools.

Three the sith lord is gone and all his lil darth children on the 40 acres … yes it is still TEXAS but a less snarly bunch in the midst of a crisis without a winning record in four years.

This announcement of their wanting to return will probably not set well in the B1G especially since the B1G prides itself as have the best payout surpassing even the SEC.

Nebraska is certifiably insane, if true. The B1G is hands down the #1 conference in the country, IMO. To leave it for something that could easily collapse in the next decade is just… LOL

Have to agree with you on that one. If it’s even remotely true, maybe they think they will be the top banana in the Barf12. I doubt it’s true though - wait it’s on the internet it MUST BE TRUE!

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I think Montemayor is the source of the rumor, who I see as the C. Austin Cox of the BYU world. I sincerely doubt there’s anything to it.

Yes, it’s Montemayor; he went off the deep end today (after that strange periscope yesterday). Dude is just tweeting out random rumors that he hears from people.

There’s no chance of Nebraska leaving the B1G unless the B1G kicks them out for not being AAU anymore. Academically, there is no better conference to be in, they hold a stake in the B1G network, they receive a ton of money from the B1G TV contract, and they have stability. Not to mention, this talk about them suffering on the football field is kind of put to bed by the fact that they are undefeated so far this season.

Between Montemayor, Flugaur, and the DudeofWV today, it’s obvious that they really have no inside sources.

Here’s Montemayor’s tweets that led to the OP article:

Nebraska is hardly a factor in Houston recruiting now.

The Nebraska rumor is hard to believe because they still have a grudge against, you guessed it, Texas. They built their program on partial qualifiers, but Texas pushed when the Big12 was formed to no longer allow partial qualifiers. The league adopted that policy and the rest is history.

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To hear other former big 8 schools tell it, Nebraska used to run the show like Texas does, and then after the merger got tired of Texas doing the same to them that they had always done, especially where a lot of things were forced on them that negatively impacted them.

BUT… I bet they are getting even more tired of having even less sway in the b1g, and until this year not having the success to which they were accustomed.

Partial qualifiers and guys coming off probation. Can we say Johnny Rogers? To be fair, Rogers is also a shining example of a guy who turned around his life after being convicted of a felony. Nevertheless, Nebraska seemed to have the largest assortment of athletes with criminal behavior of any school in the NCAA.

Having said that I would think that OU would be one of the teams to welcome Nebraska back, if that were indeed possible. That OU-Nebraska game was one of the big rivalries in college football. And Nebraska was particularly bitter about losing the rivalry. Playing OU every 4 years doth not a rivalry make.

Not happening. Never going to happen. Makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. In fact, just wrote a column about it…

If Houston wants in on the dumpster fire, that’s fine, but I want no part of Nebraska back in the Big 12.

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Nebraska AD


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Awesome that this Big12 expansion debacle is pulling in random schools who then have to issue statements they want nothing to do with the dumpster fire of a conference…more egg on the face for the Big12

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"Proud & privileged to be a member of the Big Ten"
Deja Vu, so they are gone.
Or do I have the context wrong?

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