Well at least Auburn believes we are a good opponent

They don’t like going to Birmingham via their message board but they certainly are giving us grudging respect and have at least enough knowledge to indicate Houston >>>>>>>> Bham. Nice to see. I actually taught a class for Auburn before I taught a class for Houston. They had nice facilities, we have certainly come a long way in ours as well. Go COOGS, beat Auburn.


and Bo Nix is out of this game. His backup should be healed for this game but he also hurt his ankle.

Maybe they will not play hard…because…“they really didn’t want to be there” !

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We’re 1-6 against them lest we forget. They cost us an defeated season in 1973.

This would’ve been a marquee game in the regular, maybe? :thinking:

No NY6 and Auburn isn’t Alabama (last game notwithstanding) but other than Ella Sue or aggy it’s just about the top of mountain of opponent and venue we could have expected.

On an unrelated to bowl game discussion side note:


11. Auburn vs. Houston (Birmingham Bowl, Dec. 28)

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We might get wallopped this game. Look at Auburn’s season. They started 4-1, then 6-2, and then the wheels fell off. They had close games against powerhouses, and only really lost a game or two against weaker opponents. They are going to want revenge in the bowl game for their season that could’ve been.

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How come when we play close low scoring games it is hard to watch but when the SEC does it against each other its considered an Epic battle?
And can Coogfans stop acting scared of a 6-6 team. Our players and staff ain’t afraid

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honest question, do you think the American conference even remotely comes close to the talent in the SEC?

we played 3 teams with a winning record this year, 3…

we had better be very prepared for this “6-6 team” or we’re going to get embarrassed in a hurry.


They are a good team despite 6 and 6