Well I’m done

Are you stupid?

You think I am worried about the points?

I have Club seats on the 45 yard line. 7 of them.

The points? LOL

It’s a fare offer. He either wants to sit in the Club for a season or 2, or he doesn’t.

I’m not marking them up and asking for more than normal season ticket price.

He wants in the lower bowl. He can have the seats for face value, as long as Dana is coach. I’m not going to give up a $70,000 worth of seat licenses.

Nobody is done with the damn football program. They are done with Dana.

I’m not sure why that is hard to comprehend.

Furthermore, I am saving him the $10,000 per seat he would have to pay the school to get them. UH requires the stadium donation ever time they are transferred.

He can try it out and see if it’s worth it in the future.



I don’t think you know what that word means.

Just like you think the “I’m done” means “I’m done with Cougar Football.”

Both of y’all are clueless.


I’d be happy to take you up on your club tickets offer, its a great deal for both parties.

Hit me up in a PM after this season. Let’s see what happens!


You send the wrong message when you offer to sell your tickets admitting you will not go to games. The clear message you send is “I’m done going to UH football games”.
I suspect you will watch a few minutes on TV possibly but if it isnt going according to your liking you will be done watching all together. Talk about clueless. Try understanding what you wrote

No, the clear message I sent was that I am willing to give up my season tickets for the remaining time Dana is here. I know it’s clear because that is exactly what I wrote. You are the one that is trying to spin it into something it isn’t.

No worries though, it only took 3 minutes for someone with a brain to realize that its a great deal for both sides.

To be honest, I would rather them sit empty.

Our administration needs to feel the pressure from the fanbase to make a change.


And if he becomes the next Yeoman and is around for 25 years? Dont make statements you arent willing to back up

When your phone is ringing off the hook for the seats or I see 50 posts wanting the tickets then I may agree with you. In the meantime, your single person validation is hardly evidence

For what it’s worth, I would also take the deal, if I had the money. I ain’t got it like that, though, so I’ll stick to the nosebleeds.


This is funny.

How old are you?

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See, even in Hell there are amenities. I think this is a gracious offer.


Tilman got his money by not giving it away. I am just as frustrated as you are!! I started in UH 1965 and have seen glory years, dim years, average years we will survive!! It’s unfortunate that we can’t continue our tradition of winning(or co champions) of 4 different conferences. It’s been 27 years and 500 million dollars lost but now we need to competitive to prove our worthiness as a power 5 school to the rest of the naysayers in HTOWN as well as the collegiate world. GO COOGS '68 BS, '75 PHARM


I think it’s time for a change but I will continue to pray for him just like any other coach or player.
There are more important things in life than sports and money.
And before some you ridicule me for praying, the biggest reason I love Prime is because he is a praying Christian and very open about his conversion.
If we lost a few games here he would be castigated for his beliefs by a few negative Nellies


Doubtful he would want to sit next to you either.

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Did he really just say the next Yeoman?!?

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I’m thinking same thing if we do have a bad season let’s say 5 wins or less and we don’t let him go I’m giving my tickets up also tired of driving from San Antonio area to watch this crap show


You actually live in Bandera? I’m in Hill Country Village/Hollywood Park.




I agree its time for a change. It’s getting to be a chore to get hyped for a game and be there in person…I’ll stick it out this year and see what happens next. At some point the plug needs to get pulled, however painful, to avoid more damage.

I don’t wish ill will on any of the coaches/admins and I really do hope things, somehow, turnaround. We’ll see…