Well it didnt take Tyrie long

lapse of judgement, but nothing like issues with other schools that shall remain nameless…
they will get probation and community service with restitution from the local court, and hopefully some sort of punishment for the incident from the coaches but I doubt they get kicked off for this…

Agreed. Feel for the kid. Too many outside influences directing his life.

I’d like to think if he stayed with Houston, he wouldn’t be in trouble now.

Sad. Smh

Cleveland’s signing with Florida stung.

But I’ll be honest. As soon as we signed Tren Dickson, we completely made up for it. In fact, it appears we may have traded up.

And so I have not even wasted one second thinking about Cleveland until these headlines today.

I never had a problem with Cleveland flipping to Florida. It’s an established winning SEC school (last few years notwithstanding) and who can fault him for that. I had a major problem with his aunt (or whoever she was) saying he was too good for UH and how disappointed she was that he committed here. Sounds like he has very few positive influences in his life which is a shame. Hope he gets it turned around.


$1000 in damages …

3rd degree felony …

2nd degree felony firing a missile into a building??!!!

I suspect their college days are over … as McElwain from the west primarily has never had to deal with off season crimes from his star players.

Police report codes are often very difficult to decipher. The disappointment in this incident aside, I think it’s hilarious that the closest code the PD had for shooting a BB gun inside a residence was “WEAPON OFFENSE: MISSILE INTO DWELLING VEH BUILDING OR AIRCRAFT.”

Punishment for firing a missle indoors is probably 5 hrs of community service and probation in FL.

And that community service will be suspended until the end of the season.

I imagine this will plead down to a lesser offense.

Very sad situation! That is why I’m happy with the players CH signs and want to come to UH. There will never be a shortage of talented football players in Houston.

Apparently he is STILL in jail.

Of course he wouldn’t. Police wouldn’t take the time to arrest him and the incident wouldn’t even register on the radar of any news source here in Houston. He would get a ticket and would have to run his ass off as punishment from the school

I wonder if CTH would put up with this kind of stupidity at all.

We dodged a BULLET…Pun intended

He wouldn’t kick the kid off the team. He would run him for a couple of weeks and put a plan together he would have to live up to for the rest of the year.

Yes, pretty stupid from TC. Specially what is going on in the world these days about shooting innocent people.

Dude - we dodged a missile.

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